Have you guys seen this?

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  1. Not sure why anyone would put a Viper engine into a Mustang, but to each their own I guess.

  2. Not gonna lie... I think that's cool as hell! Would I ever do it to a Mustang of my own? Hell no! But it's a really neat idea, and definitely something I've never seen!
  3. Ridiculous. It is kinda cool. Would like to see a bit more video's though, like it moving or even revving.
  4. Cool on paper, but in reality....You could make a small block Ford V8 run every bit as fast without near the effort...and not add a tonn of weight to the nose in the process.

    ....and it'll sound much better too....and not like an V12 with diarrhea.
  5. :notnice:

    I don't know if you actually read the thread, but you would be damn hard pressed to find a small block ford running every bit as fast as a twin turbo 510 CI viper engine.:rlaugh:

    As far as adding a "ton" of weight? Dude, its a TWIN TURBO 510 CUBIC INCH V10 ENGINE!:hail2:

    Thread and build are awesome!


  6. x2

    You'll always have your Ford nutswingers who throw up a little at the thought of a LSX swap, or in this case a viper motor swap. Ya never see an Fbody doing a ford motor swap lol.

    American muscle is american muscle to me. The fact he actually got it in there gets a thumbs up from me :nice:

    Besides the fact that i hate the way V10s sound, the project itself is still cool as hell.
  7. I had a friend who worked for KRC. The problem with those Viper engines is that there is almost no aftermarket for it. Certainly no aftermarket like what you have for an SBF or an LSx. The popular Dodge engine is the hemi or the 360 magnum. If you want to make a fast car with a Dodge engine, that's what you use, not the Viper engine.

    If you built an equivalent size Ford V8 with the same twin turbos to that Viper engine, it's going to be lighter, produce a lot more power, cost half as much, and hold it's beans a lot better. That's why I don't see the point.

  8. i dont know if it really matters that more power can be made on top of a twin turbo viper motor. How much can the chassis handle? How much does he need? Would a big block fit under a stock hood?

    And producing a lot more power and costing half as much.....anyone can make that claim. Doing it is something different. I dont see a big block ford being anything in the area of being "light".

    IMO its a "cool" factor since the Viper is a very respected sports car.
  9. Those Viper engines are uber heavy. For the cost of putting that Viper engine in, you could have built a 450+ cid all aluminum Dart block SBF, and it's going to make more power.

  10. lol looks like some of the haters need to zip it. OWNED :Zip2:

    Cant believe a turbo on a 03 cobra longblock wasnt enough :eek:

    and if u fabbed this much crap, u could probably get a big block under a stock hood. Would be interesting to compare dimensions tho :shrug:


  11. Do you really think he's using the absolute most of the available power in his setup?

    People here on this site are trying to decide between combos that both will make more than enough power.....so again, does it really matter the max power a combo can make when u wont use it?

    Im trying to find how much he spent to do this. I dont see an all aluminum dart block being that much cheaper tho....
  12. Umm, I think it's kinda like the answer to "why would anyone want to climb Mount Everest?"

    Because he can.

    Sure it's not practical, or even the most efficient way to make the most useable power, but how many of us dream of building something more than just useable power?

    I'm very impressed with his fabrication ability. The fact that he's shoe-horned that much engine into that car, with that clean of a presentation, and that kind of front-rear balance? This guy is good! I hope to be half that good someday.

    I also think putting a Viper engine into a Cobra is pretty clever.

    And, HOLY CRAP, IT'S A TWIN-TURBO V10!!!!! What possible aftermarket mods could you be looking for (that the owner can't apparently make for himself?)????
  13. Like I originally said. It's not the post practical, but to each their own. The major limiting factor to the Viper engine is the availability of better cylinder heads. That's something that is not easy to fabricate.

  14. FYI, viper engines are all aluminum. Please post comparative weight of BBF 514 with Dodge 510.

    Please post comparitive power level of BBF 514 twin turbo with Dodge 510 twin turbo.

    Let the Googling commence.


  15. Our e7 stock heads SUCK....

    but when we throw a turbo on, we can make the block explode with those sucky heads.

    No idea if there are even aftermarket cylinder heads available for the viper, at the very least i imagine u have room to gain ***if u need it*** by porting the stock heads. But again, when working with forced induction, is this something you really need to upgrade?

    If the viper motor was so horrible, the car itself wouldnt be such an icon. I know when i was little, the viper was the car that made me fall in love with cars....this was what, back in 93? 94 maybe?

    He will have an abundance of power on tap. So talking about him not being able to upgrade to other parts makes zero sense. Some guys dont like cross breeding with other motors in other bodies. Personally i love it.

    If u dont like it, thats fine. But making up other excuses to knock it just doesnt make sense. Especially when there are cars in this very section that weigh a couple hundred pounds more than this stang with a viper motor.
  16. I think the issue most of you are having is the power to weight ratio, which in my opinion isn't all that great. I'm no expert, but I agree with revhead on this one. I would have gone with the cheaper route. But don't get me wrong, the idea of throwing a viper engine in a car is cool. But when it comes down to it, I really don't want to do all the custom work for it. I would rather do something that take a bit less sweat and tears.
  17. My Build. Project "Sniper" - Corral Forums
    Been reading this on the corral too.

    The svt site hurts my brain.:crazy: To many sig pics and quotes.

    How much after market parts does the viper motor need?600 horse stock

  18. power to weight ratio?

    When he's gonna STOP at 900rwhp to save the tranny? When the car weighs as much as my car, your car, and 90% of the cars in this section?

  19. You have to laugh about the comments about all that weight.