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  1. Just wanted to say hello to everyone on here. I have some friends on here and have heard nothing but good things about the site. I have a 91 LX that will soon have a 347 in it. That's one of the things that brings me here. Looking for help and advise and will give the same back whenever I can.
  2. Welcome. :)
  3. Hello & welcome! :)
  4. Welcome. sounds like a nice project. this is a great site for sure, you will get boat loads of help :nice:
  5. Welcome! Take a look at all posts before mine. These are the people you want to make angry ;) actually they are ALL mods so JK. In all seriousness, you have pics of your ride? Show em, we love to see em!
  6. *adds another name to the waterboarding list...*

  7. :lol: