Help: Are these 2 parts comparable to use? Ball joints

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by from6to8, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Saw a Moog k8749 ball joint on ebay for 19 bucks then saw a K8749X Super Auto for 16 bucks and wondering if they are the same thing? I tried googling some things about super auto to see about reviews and such. That total for 2 of 35 bucks beat amazon's 74 bucks. On amazon though those are for sure 2 moog parts but for half the price I wonder if I would be ok?

    im also gona get the bushings, endlinks(stabilizer bars), and tokico struts and shocks

    As far as the end links(stablilizer bars), are the ones from autozone fine to use?
  2. Those are not made by moog as described in the link above.

    Get the $19 moog ball joints on ebay.
    If its from the same seller I got mine a couple months ago, they're genuine Moog ball joints.
  3. and what about the autozone duralast end link stabilizer bars?
  4. Never used those, I went with Energy Suspension.
  5. do I have to get them specifically for my yr, looking at some on ebay now
  6. It appears to have the same part #, 94-04.