Help! Attempting To Troubleshoot Mach 460 Front Left Tweeter Not Working.


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I'm trying to troubleshoot a wiring issue with the Mach 460 in my '04 Cobra. I get no sound out of the driver's side tweeter. (Swapping speakers and even the head unit doesn't help, so the problem is somewhere between the radio's harness plug and the end of the speaker wire.)

To the best I can figure, the Mach 460 head unit has four speaker outputs. However, the Mach 460 has 8 speakers (totally separate woofers and tweeters at all four corners). The woofers are powered by the amplifiers in the trunk, and disconnecting the secondary plug from the back of the head unit results in just the tweeters playing, so presumably the tweeters are powered directly from the head unit.

I tried using an ohmmeter between the head unit's harness plug and either front tweeter, and I get no continuity on any of the harness's pins. Additionally, the wires that plug into the two front tweeters are black, and black with white stripe, whereas the wires at the head unit's harness plug are all sorts of color combinations, none of which are black or black with white stripe. This means that there must be a junction somewhere between the head unit and the tweeters.

However, even if there was just a junction, I feel like I should have continuity from the speaker wires to the harness, but I don't. This suggests that there is something else in between the harness and the speaker wire ends--perhaps a powered crossover? Thing is, I can't find any sort of wiring diagram that confirms this--every wiring diagram I've seen indicates that the head unit connects directly to the tweeters with the randomly-colored wires.

Someone who knows more about this system that I do, please help. Where do the wires go between the harness and the speakers, and is there any hardware in between?
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Dec 7, 2014
Cleburne, Texas
There is an amp mounted to the trans tunnel behind the head unit. I would try there. Just had similar problem only the left front tweeter was the only one working. I ended up just replacing all the factory speakers with new and rewiring it. The mach 460 stereo system is obsolete and you can't get parts anywhere anymore
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