Help Me Decode This Vin - A Real Cobra?

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  1. I get what you're saying man. And this is totally off topic, so this should really be it. But it's a bit harsh to tell someone they can't be in the club because they are either new to the hobby or simply not " in the know". I think it was a good question with a easy answer.

    I do agree on this one point, using google or a wiki would have gotten you most of the info, but it's easy to be confused when car fax calls it a cobra
  2. I think "Cobra" was used so when you search this car comes up.

    Obviously most of us know there were no convertible Cobra's in 1993 so a VIN would mean nothing after visually seeing that ad.
  3. I think the Hulk has a valid point about the Canadian Gt Cobra lable thing. Or the seller is not honest. Either way, do not pay extra. But if the vin is goofy - run away like Monty Python from a rabbit with a hand grenade. I would worry about it being stolen with a different tag or at least a rebuilder.

    There is a FAQ sticky about Is My car A Real Cobra? It would have saved the whole entertaining discussion.

  4. I said.. scammer all the way. I try and give people the benefit of the doubt, but you can't these days. Too many crooks. Very sad state of affairs we live in today.
  5. I though everyone knew that there is no such thing as a '93 Cobra vert.:rolleyes:
  6. These days is the "I just bought a fox with a real 1993 cobra motor" crowd that's popular. Ever couple weeks we see a post like that. Makes me wonder if there are any 1993 conra out there anymore.