Help Me Out With A Price To Offer..

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  1. Looking at this coupe:

    It's super clean. 44k miles. However, it's a factory non-a/c, automatic, 4 cyl... I offered 2,800. He came back with 3,000. I just don't want to pay that much for a 4 cylinder.

    Thoughts fellas? Stick to 2,800 or pony up the 3k?
  2. radio wiring more than likely hacked for cd, keyless entry??? how? no a/c and i am betting it is 144k not 44k. dig underneath in the torque boxes and floor boards for rust. make him come down.

    i have seen many a decent 5.0 for the 3k mark. what is so special about this 4 banger?
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  3. The coupe is what he's after :D
  4. It's ok to walk if ya don't love it. Keep lookin
  5. I held firm at 2,800. It is a legit 44k. He is the second owner. His mom bought the car new here in Albuquerque. No rust, it doesn't exist in New Mexico. He said 3k. I didn't budge on it. Who knows maybe I get a call in a couple weeks. It was pretty cool to see such an original fox. And I've never seen one with less than 50k.

    Thanks for the input. I'm ready to get back into a coupe again.
  6. If ya really want it does $200 really matter? Maybe with another 0 it'd be a big deal worth holding your ground on. Maybe that's just me. But same could be said for the seller I guess
  7. $2900?? ....its half way :confused:
  8. I think it's a fair price. Adam, if you dig around in the classifieds of WSM, there was a thread recently about prices on 4 cyl coupes. Some nice ones came up for about that price.
  9. +1.
  10. 200 bucks should not stop you. BUT I still think he is between 1000 and 1500 too high.
  11. This is priced way too high. 4cyl cars by me go for 500-1500$
  12. Yea but it's all relative.
    And most of those cars (EDIT: "those" cars referring to ones priced at $500-$1500) are in the northeast are probably loaded with rust and 100k more miles.
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  13. And I vote stay at $2800. He'll call back.
  14. wait............. this is a 4 banger we are talking about right? 3 grand? Does it have some gold bars or Tacos in the trunk?
  15. Offer him $2,800 plus a $20 Taco Bell gift card for some doritos tacos.

    That ad has been up for 24 days, he'll budge. Contact him a week after last communication and make the offer again (don't forget to offer tacos!)

    What's your plans with the car? V8 swap?
  16. You're right... The garage kept 21,000 orig. mile 93 5.0 coupe I found for my brother (White with black interior) was a horrible deal at $5,000.00
    What do I know.. I've only bought and sold a dozen mustangs in the last few years
  17. Hey, at least you know better now
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  18. I would've held out at $4, over paid.

    21,000 miles? That's about 84,000 passes at the track right? Good deal bro!
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  19. $4995 and not a penny more! You newb:rolleyes:
  20. How many tacos can you buy for $5?