help with 460 & subs

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  1. Yea but from the speaker, the lines are amplified from the amp allready so you need to get them before the amp so they only have signal

  2. Sorry for the lack of response (death in the family).

    I had planned on tapping the signal wires before the 460 rear amps. :) It looks like there is a harness back there before them, so I may look into splicing in there.
  3. Update w/ Pics

    Before I get the comments, yea I know the box does not fit well and the amp is upside down. But heck, it was all FREE and it sounds awsome (shakes the steering column if I turn it up loud enough).

    I have the base centered on the radio, gain controls on the amp are at minimal, the high pass filter is turned on and it sounds great. Nice solid base hits with no distortion and no trunk lid rattle.

    Thanks for everyones help and input :nice:


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  4. Nice work! :nice:
    Glad you were able to get her up and thumpin'!