Help with a question on a 69 Mustang coupe

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  1. I bought a 69 coupe and want to find out what belongs on the car and what don't.
    This 69 coupe has a hood scoop and i havnt been able to find another pitchure of one with it. Could this just be a late model 69?
    I found a Haynes that has a 70 with a hood scoop. :shrug:
  2. ford started using the "mach1 or cobra-jet" style hood scoop in 68 on the 68 1/2 CJ cars, hence the "cobra jet" designation. my 69 gt came from the factory with it as did all GT's and Mach 1's that were not ordered with the hsaker hood. you could also get that scoop on grandes and even base model 6 banger cars
  3. this is a grande. How do i find out if it belongs on it or not tho. 302 2b
  4. My Dad's '69 I-6 had a "scoop" of sorts on the hood with turn signal indicators mounted in it.........:shrug:
  5. same scoop just havent seen a pic on the internet of one with a scoop
  6. do a search for 69 mach 1 and you will turn up all sorts of pics. as for finding if it originally came on the car, the only way to know for sure is to get a marti report.
  7. yea but its not a mach 1. its a coupe.
  8. i have a ton of pics of coupes, many with the mach style scoop. my grande has one also. this was a pretty popular option. it is true, you could get many options on you coupe. marti will be able to tell you what was installed on the car from the factory. link......

    this is the pop options promotion post card. as you can see by the back of the card, in the dealer you could have gotten many different options added that will not show up on the marti report. so whether or not its supposed to be there would probably best be determined by first getting a report, then if it says it wasn't a factory option, i'd see how the wiring is installed. if its origional wiring(al the way to the fromt head-lights) i'd say it was a stock option not added later.

    so, any other questions, ask away!

  9. you could also get the original invoice from Lois Eminger, i don't have the address to write to her but it is in most the mustang mags and i'm sure someone else will pop up and supply it, or you could do a search as well. i think there is a sticky at as well
  10. That is exactly what my Dad's I6 coupe looked like......I'm still pissed that he sold it two weeks before I got my learner's permit!
  11. The scoop will have factory neat cut-outs for the turn signal lights at the back of the scoop. Also, the harness for the lights piggy-backs all the way back to the front parking lights.

    As noted before, scoop was available on everything. Chepie had one!
  12. Do we know where his car was made though? I think Lois does not cover the San Jose made cars for example. Marti report is probably the best source though and you can always pull up the carpet and see if the original build sheet is there, slight chance but possible. Why are you so concerned though? Are you planning to rebuil it to concors factory correct show condition or are you just hoping that it is some rare find that you snagged cheaply? While they are less common on coupes, few cars these days do not have them, they are very common on this model year regardless of when or who added them.
  13. The 69 I had in high school wasn't special, it was a 302 2V automatic coupe with a black vinyl top, black standard interior and factory cobrajet nonfunctional hood scoop with the turn signal lights in it. The scoop was just a popular option.
  14. I've seen more with them than without them. My old 69 had one as well as the scoops-vents on the upper sides of the rear quarters.
  15. My 69 coupe came from the factory with tht scoop, my son swapped it for the 429 scoop, wouldn't have been my choice, but he liked it. :D
  16. pak I like the fin on the back of your car.
    The car was made in san jose and has been titled in AZ. its whole life so far until I get it. Then the car is going to see what road hazards are in the real world. like salt, snow, rain, potholes you get the point. To ancwer the other questions.
    Both I was hoping it was a rare find and I would like to get back to factory condition. depending on how much is still there. I went to that martis web site that BNICKEL spook of and it says it that section is under constuction. Maybe its just me tho.
  17. What? The elements? :eek: Are you saying that this original dry weather west coast survivor is going to become your all year 4 season New England everyday driver? I think I'm about to faint. :jaw:

  18. Hey, no problem. Just drive it thrrough one of those all night parafin wax spraying places and it is good to go. Course, it would look like some GBM jacked o__ __on it.
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