hey MSP i orderd exhaust parts

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  1. so i went to the dealer and ordered the left pipe, hanger brackets and bolts for my ther gt takeoff. $ 150.00 for everything. when it comes in ill take it down the street and have him cut thing loose and tie it together. i guess ill order the x-pipe too so ill have all the stuff. i went this way so that it is mostly stock and the pipe is from the gt so everthing should just bolt up. plus i get cost plus 10% on parts so i figured what the heck. her come more of those ponies i was talking about.
  2. I'm very interested to see how this turns out. I spent the day hopping from performance shop to performance shop today. My plan for my 2nd GT take off muffler is an H pipe.

    The first two shops wouldn't bother with the car, they havent touched an 05 yet. The last one would, but for a true dual setup w/H pipe, they want $1500 bucks. No way!

    So we jack my baby up at the first shop, and a mechanic comes over after the salesman takes care of another customer. He says, this isn't that difficult, he said I should replace my CATs with Cobra ones, and purchase a H pipe and from ebay and to take it to another shop. He said he used to do a lot of mustang work, but now works at this shop doing strictly vanilla jobs for non-performance cars.

    So heres my question, the dude gets under my car....looks at the CATs and says, those got to go. They are robbing you something in the neighborhood of 50Hp. I'm wary of mechanics these days, but what do you guys think.

    Also, any suggestions on how to get this done. I'm in the DC metro area and I'm having a rough time finding a shop that will do it and not rip me off.

    Perhaps after Afixer finishes his setup, I can get an idea of how to better go about this.

  3. Hes smoking crack if he thinks cutting out the cats will get you 50 hp. Thats what I think.

    Aaaand that price is beyond outrageous. You could buy an entire cat back and the tools to do it yourself for that much.
  4. I knew the price was crazy. He said to replace the cats with hi-flow cats from an recent model cobra. The area I live in sucks for finding a good performance mechanic.

  5. Yeah higher flowing cats will help.. you guys have emissions up in DC dont you? So I guess gutting them is out of the question...
  6. Yea, we do and all the shops here follow CA standards.
  7. Afixer, I assume you will do a before and after dyno and a tune? Cant wait to see how that turns out.
  8. well i have already posted all of my dynos befor and after the CAI and tune when i do this on is when ill also prob have him make a performance tune with more radical shifting. and then my normal old man performance tune.

  9. Sorry Afixer!! LOL! Cant believe I've missed this thread! LOL! Excuse me man.. Sometimes, you login and look for your most recent reply threads..

    Anyways, let me know how it goes.. Whats going to be interesting is the pipe bends.. I wonder if you will show signs of a better flow situation based on the stock factory bends.. Keep me posted. Again, sorry I missed it.. :D
  10. no prop funny thing i posted the exhaust break down on 2005 and noticed that the right side was the same for the v6 and the gt so i figured hum get the drivers side. i have seen posts were people hav had probs with that and i want to be able to take it apart in case of any further tank issues. i figure the short connection at the front should be cake fo a muffler guy. i just need to look up your x pipe tread and order it today so ill have everything next week. glad you saw this i figure your one of the guys that has done alot rearding this so i thought you would find it interesting. i will post as soon as i do it.
  11. if any one is interested in following in afixers footsteps, i have both over the axle pipes, and used 05 specific flowmasters.....need to get rid of them......
  12. Here ya Go!

  13. thanks just ordered it
  14. So when does installation start? You have an appointment?
  15. well not sure how long for the x pipe 2.5 right. the stuff from ford should be here tuesday. so maybe friday or the following monday i guess. then il make a template and dremel out the rear. if i remember thats the best way

  16. If I were you I would honselty just call Casco, and ask him if he would let you trade in your stock V6 rear bumper.. He has all the colors.. So maybe your bumper plus $100 bucks, plus shipping both ways.. Couldnt hurt to call and ask him.. http://crashparts.cascocompany.net/

    This way, he can sell your bumper to a body shop that has a rear ended V6.. No need of wasting a good stock V6 bumper..
  17. After more thought, that seems like alot of extra trouble.. LOL!! Just use the dremel.. :D
  18. yea plus i want to keep the body lines. thanks for the thought .

  19. I didnt even cut mine.. I will order the GT body kit soon.
  20. MSP, did you use the stock wire/welded things, or did you go with hangers?