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  1. Hi every body im a newbie to the site but not to our beloved pony cars i got my first one at 15. A 77 ii with the 4 banger in it and just recently got 78 ii with the cologne engine for doing a engine swap for a old man that lives close to me. The poor thing has been sitting since the late 80s early 90s due to a bad fuel pump sadly the factory wheels have rusted hose through them the sun destroyed the dash and rear rocker covers and seats and a heil storm dinged the chrome up and cracked the windshield. T-tops made it out alive thats a lil bit about the car where both in Missouri if anyone close would have doner parts r a old parts car sitting around pm me please especially if u have a instrument cluster mine feel apart in my hands when i was trying to find out whe the lights didnt work! Just my luck! Lol
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    I'll move your thread over to our Mustang II subforum. The guys there might be able to help you out.

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    Sorry, unfortunately I can't help with any parts. Ebay is a place to find them, but you will have to wait for something to pop up. There are a few different people/places dedicated to our cars. Phil Schmidt is the man to talk to about hard to find parts. You can find him on Facebook in the Mustang II group, but his email address is escaping me at the moment. There is also a guy in the Facebook group that is parting a King, he might have what you're looking for. He just posted a link to some door panels he is auctioning off on Ebay. It might be worth a look.....?
  4. Right on thanks for the info.i will have to look them up.