HID's from vvme.com?

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  1. I've read a couple of you guys have used www.vvme.com's HID kits. They look legit to me but the very cheap prices make it seem to good to be true.

    For the guys that have purchased kits from here, do they sell a quality product?
  2. tons of audi guys use these kits. follow the directions and there shouldnt be any issues.

    only real negative i have heard about the company is the shipping time because they are shipped from overseas
  3. Thanks!

    Yeah thats the only negative that I've heard as well. But at that price I can stand to wait.

    I e-mailed their customer service department to ask them a question about one of their kits and they responded very quickly.
  4. Shipping time wasnt really all that bad. Ive ordered dual a dual beam 9007 kit from them and a single beam 880 kit for my fogs and both work and look great. Really simple to instal just plug and play. Only hard part about it is trying to figure out where to mount the ballasts.:nice:
  5. Thanks Erik! I think I'm gonna go ahead and order mine today!
  6. I have them. Shipping was about 4 days direct from China. Decent kit for the money.
  7. Hey guys,

    Got my HID kit installed from "vvme". I put the dual beam bulbs in my headlights.

    However, my low beam and high beams are basackwards. Lows come on in the high beam position and vise versa. This wouldn't be a problem to me but now my fog lights will only come on with my high beams.

    Anyone know how to fix this problem? "vvme" isn't providing much helpful insight.
  8. I believe you may have wired 2 of the three wires in the headlight harness adapter the worng way. You may have reversed the hi/lo signal wires which are now messing with the position of the control stalk for you highs.

    I ordered a 9007 hi/lo kit from them a week ago and they should be at my doorstep in a few hours. Albeit this kit isn't for my stang, but for my dad's Econoline van the procedure for wiring will likely be the same, since its all FoMoCo stuff. Ill try to snap a couple of pics or something and post back to try to clear up any confusion on how to wire these things properly.:)

    EDIT: While I'm at it I'll try to post a brief review of this kit since I've installed over 50 kits on my own and friends vehicles, I'd like to see how the initial quality/packaging/bulb quality is on these so that people know the heads up when ordering form www.vvme.com
  9. That was my initial thought. There are 3 wires going into the vvme plug that fits directly into my factory plug harness (red, white, and blue) with the white being in the middle and the red and blue being on both sides.

    After initial installation and seeing that the lights were wrong I switched the sides of both the blue and red wires because I was under the assumption that the white wire was the ground so I left it alone. This however did not change a thing and the lights were still working backwards.

    I contacted vvme and they said to try and re-arrange all 3 wires until I get it right, but won't it fry the kit if I put the ground in the wrong spot?
  10. No it won't, it simply wont work. I just got the kit in, haven't had the time too look over it. Once I do the install for pops van, I will try to document as best as I can to figure this out.
  11. Ok, that would be awesome if you could do that for me.

    Are you sure that changing all the wires around until i find the right combo won't screw anything up? Granted you obviously have a lot more knowledge with installing these kits than I do but i ust wanna make 110% sure before I go and do it!!!
  12. Well I don't want you to quote me on this but I've never had a problem with blowing any part of the kit whilst looking for the right wiring combo.:shrug:

    My Expedition took like 3 hours(it was 30 deg. F outside) of frustration until I tried a combo that worked.
  13. are all those kits on the site universal? I can't really tell
  14. yeah I believe so, but you have to make sure you get the right bulbs for your car whe ordering.

    For instance the bulbs in my 2002 GT are 9007's, and I think your mustang should be too dependig on year. Make sure you double check though before ordering.
  15. Ok then but if something goes wrong I'm holding you personally accountable. :D nah just joking man.

    On a more serious note let me know how your install goes on your dad's van and if you encounter the same problem which I hope you don't. I was extremely happy with everything else about the kit. Hell, I ordered them on a thursday afternoon and they came the following monday, which was very fast shipping in my book. The lights shine very good and are extremely bright on high beam. Only problem I'm having is getting the damn things to come on at the right time.

    Well I'm currently out of town for the weekend and won't be able to change the plug around and do some test and tune until moonday night but I will def let you know how everything goes.

    Thanks again for he help.
  16. Wholehearted recommendation! I originally ordered a kit for my 07 Shelby in late June. DHL promised delivery in 5 days, and when 5 days came and went, I assumed it was held up in customs in San Francisco or something. Come to find out, my package was on the DHL plane that basically burned to the ground June 29th. I immediately ordered another set on July 3rd and it was delivered on the 7th!
    After I opened the box and got over the intimidation of all the wiring, install took just over an hour. The hardest part was routing the wiring and having the courage to turn on the lights when it was time to test them.

    I got the 8000K set and they look fantastic! Straight up installation, plug and play, no cut wiring. The Bi-Xenon bulbs go from Lo to Hi beam wonderfully. It could not have been any easier, and at least $200 less than anything else I've seen ($74.99+$26 shipping)!
  17. hey guys whats the code or whatever for my fog lights? I want to order some hid fog lights from here but i thought my code was 899. Thanks
  18. Stupid question here, and I think I know the answer, but on their site , what is the difference between the single and dual beams? Is it just the duals give you both high and lows beams? Also I didn't see the foglights for sale on there just wondering if my brilliant self just missed them or what. Also which color do you guys seem to like the best?
  19. yes the dual beams are high/low. the high beems are actually halogen, so your lows would be brighter. its really just to pass inspection.

    the foglights are on there.

    heres a link for everyone to get their bulb codes

    and my favorite is definitely 6000k, its a nice crisp tone.
    i actually wish i wouldve gotten them for my headlights too instead of just my fogs, the 4300k's just doesnt seem to light up the road as nice
    plus you dont stand out too much or look nasty with purple lights, imho.

    if they dont work just plug and play you may need a harness w/relay. it seems to me people with newer batteries tend to have better luck with the "plug and play"
    theyre all over ebay, fwiw.

    ps- 400th post for the record!
  20. so you got fog lights? did you get the 800's? Are they the same as the 899? Thanks