Holy ****...Look at this

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  1. Well, goody for them. Its still gay as hell.
  2. That blond is a little too expensive for my blood, hell the rims wouldn't even fit my car....sadface :(
  3. im surprised nobody pointed out the fact that you would most likely get pulled over for having that crap on your car.
    ive seen people with underglows get pulled over for 'driving distractions'.
    or anything blue could be impersonating an officer probably
  4. Rolling billboard DUBS. I play **** on them lol.
  5. Your probally right.

    Imagine you hit a pothole or scuff a curb and your out $5,000.

    It's so stupid, why do some people try to call so much attention to themselves?
  6. i would never buy them but that is pretty cool lol
  7. I bet 50 CENT will have thoose in a video soon and they will say G-UNIT on them.
  8. It really was a pot roast.... the boys in the saloon had it first.

  9. Exactly what I was thinking... :D
  10. Ummm... firewall at worky no let me watchy... what is it? Can someone please post a picture? The suspense is killing me!!!
  11. Yeah thoose are gay along with spinners and dubs...