Hooking Up E-brake After 5 Lug Conversion

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  1. I just picked up a 1991 fox-body a week or so ago and I'm slowing working through some of the issues I need to fix. One being the E-brake. The previous owner paid a speed shop to do the 5 lug conversion and when they did, they didn't hook up the e-brake. They told him that the cables would rub on the exhaust which sounds kind of lame to me. How hard can it be to fabricate some sort of guide for the cables. Anyway, the car has a 1998 GT rear end in it. My question is this. Can I just buy the left and right brake cables and install them or will I need to modify the existing e-brake handle assembly? I could sure use some advise as I have never done this before.
  2. Rubbing can be fixed by zip tying the cables out of the way. Your current handle will have to be modified though. It's a simple fix that any shop cab do in a couple of minutes.
  3. I'll take a look at it. It just drives me nuts not having an E-brake.
  4. The biggie is having your handle modded to accept the cables.
  5. Well, after some research, I think I've got it figured out. I will need to modify the stock handle a bit and purchase 3 new cables. All in all it looks pretty simple and will cost about $150 for parts. Not bad.
  6. i have the same problem should i just pull the emer cable from the bottom like if i waz to getting out the car.or can u adjust the emer handle spring.
  7. You'll need 3 cables in order to hook it all up. They are M2809A (2x) and M2810A (1x). I got mine from latemodelresto.com

    You'll also have to modify the stock e-brake handle. You will have to weld the handle in place on the second notch up and also cut the spring. I have a PDF file with the instructions from Ford. I'll upload it for you if I can find it.
  8. Nice link. Very helpful.
    I pulled the handle out of the car this evening so I can take it to get modified somewhere this week.
    My 3 new cables should be here from LMR tomorrow. I'm planning to get it all hooked up this weekend.
    Can you order the rubber dust boot that covers the cable as it leaves the car? Mine was toast before I even tried to remove it. Not sure of it's a big deal not to have one or not.
  9. Took my E-brake handle to a muffler shop down the street from my office.
    The guy hooked me up for $10.
  10. Question:

    Is it possible and would it be simpler to install an E-brake handle from another vehicle?
  11. I thought the same thing. I tried to do some research online and from what I can tell you would still have to modify it and the mounting holes wouldn't line up.
    This way doesn't seem too bad so far. Fairly straight forward from this point. Apparently there is a need for it though. I saw a guy on Ebay last night that charges $60 for you to send your e-brake handle in and him to modify it. Geez, I feel bad for people who actually fall for that stuff.
  12. Well let us know how it works! i.e. does the button release still function, and how often does it require crawling under the car to adjust, etc.

  13. From what I can tell while holding it in my hand, the release still works. After the initial install and the cables stretch a bit, most people are saying about once a year or so they have to adjust them. I'll post more once I get them installed this weekend.

  14. I have a modified E-brake assembly, and yes the release button does work just as it did originally. The E-brake cable does need periodic adjustment, mostly to keep off the 3.5" FMS aluminum driveshaft I have. Once adjusted properly, you don't have to mess with it for a long time.
  15. What year is your fox? Did you have to do any additional mods to mount the cables under the car?
    I'm just wondering how big of a pain it's going to be for me to mount and route the 2 rear cables.
  16. Well, I got all the cables installed and everything hooked up today. It really wasn't too bad at all. The hardest part was routing the cables through the frame. Even that wasn't that bad. The modified handle works perfect. The only thing that kind of irritated me was the cables. I spent $124 on cables and the chumps didn't include the e-clips for the 2 rear cables or the 2 nuts for the center cable. Anyway, one more thing on my "mustang to do list" is done. I had time to wash and wax her too. I'm ready to cruise over the a local car show tonight. I'm just watching for now.:)
  17. I took some pictures during my install and made a rough diagram of the cable routing.
    Attached is a JPEG image of the routing. Hopefully someone can get some use out of this. Being new at this myself, this would have come in handy. I also attached the diagram in PDF if anyone needs it.


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  18. That diagram is gold