Hopefully buying a '13 this week, have some questions

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  1. Hey everyone.

    I have been away from these forums for YEARS after being out of the car hobby due to college, new job, etc. I've been working for about 3 years now as an engineer and have saved up enough cash to buy a Mustang (straight cash to be honest), but to build my credit I will be putting $15k down (was able to get 3.9% through Ford). I have been looking for while for a Race Red GT, 6 speed, non-premium (in fact, as lowly optioned as possible). I am a Ford X-plan member since I work for NTN Driveshaft (we make a lot of CV Joints for Ford) and intended to use this discount. After getting d--- around by several dealers here in Indiana, I found this '13 GT in Nashville Illinois:


    This Mustang with the SYNC option and Brembo Brakes/wheel package would typically be out of my budget, but they are listing it for $28,900. I immediately called to see if it was priced wrong or if there was some sort of catch. Turns out no...after Indiana 7% sales tax and all the fees, he quoted me an out the door price of $31,500. This is $500 cheaper than a no-option base GT a dealer was trying to sell me in Indiana...WITH my xplan pricing. I thought about it, and called back, put down a $500 deposit and told them I would be there Wednesday (4/3) to buy. The reason why I did this so quickly was because it was almost 6pm on Saturday and the dealer was closing. The dealer did mention that the Ford rebates will change on Monday and that if they changed drastically, he would refund my deposit. He sounded very nice and said the last thing he wanted was me telling a bunch of people not to buy from him.

    I am over all pretty excited, but a bit nervous. This is below invoice for the car and I didn't even use my x-plan discount. He said the car is new, never been titled, and never had any damage to it on the lot or anything. The reason I am worried is because I was looking at a new Mustang in Ohio that had about $1000 of damage to it on the lot that was repaired. Should I be worried?

    Another thing I am concerned about is the front plate. Apparently it is required in Illinois, so the car already has a front plate mount. I don't want a front plate and will have it removed, BUT how does it mount to the bumper? Will there be empty drilled holes in the front of the bumper? This is enough to turn me off towards the car. I ask because a few cars I've owned in the past had drilled holes on the bumper, and it drives me nuts.

    My final concern if I buy the car, is the drive home. It will be a 4 hour drive, all highway. I know all-highway driving during a break in period can be bad.... What do you guys suggest I do for this?

    This is my first time buying a brand new car, so thanks for any help guys!!

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  2. And does anyone know what the factory rear gear ratio is? I thought I read it was 3.31:1...but wanted to be sure
  3. Unless you get the track package, it should have 3.31 on manual. The front plate is mounted via two screws straight into the bumper. Removal would leave two holes, but couldn't you fill them and shave it down? I would leave the bracket on and not go through that hassle.
  4. Oh, there is no break-in period advised in the manual. I checked thoroughly when I got mine. I drove mine easy for 1000 miles, but from the factory there is no break in period recommended anymore.
  5. I just think front plates ruin the look of the car so much. It will have to be removed. I saw these bumper plug things for sale. Might have to settle for that...
  6. What do you guys think about getting a car from a dealer that is 4 hours away? What if I had some major transmission or engine failure just outside of warranty? Typically dealers will cover it under a "goodwill policy" (Ive worked for dealers before, this is true) but I don't think a local Ford dealer would do that unless I bought the car from them...
  7. I would imagine its under fords warranty and that should be good at any for dealer

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  8. Nvm read that wrong. Buy the extended warranty

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  9. Sounds like a great deal. I wouldn't worry too much about buying from dealer 4 hours away. If your luck is bad enough that you have a major issue just out of warranty, your "goodwill" support is a crap shoot, especially since you stated they were being jackasses anyway.

    Sounds like you're saving enough to cover a big chunk of a major repair cost, so I wouldn't worry too much.

    Patching the holes shouldn't be a big issue for a decent body shop to do for a couple hundred bucks, if the plate bugs you that much. Race Red should be a pretty easy color to match. I wouldn't let that kill a deal.

    Check everything out carefully when you get there, but it seems like you just caught them at the right time. They may have had an incentive to hit by end of month, or some other reason why they're ready to make a screaming deal on the car.

    As far as the drive home, best thing to do is not use cruise control, and vary your RPMs for the trip; I'd avoid hard pulls as you break in the clutch, but that won't be a problem on the highway. Just make sure your phone is loaded up with good cruising to enjoy the trip!
  10. The price is probably lower than others because the 2014's are coming out and the more 2013's a dealer moves/sells, the sooner they will receive 2014's from Ford. Or, the car has been there forever and they want it to be sold lol.

    The factory warranty is applicable at all Ford dealers, for the duration of the warranty.

    The long drive won't be an issue, but if you want some added piece of mind just try and not too cruise at the same RPM for the whole trip. But, unless the car has absolutely no miles on it, from never being test driven, just drive the car end enjoy!!
  11. I just bought the same car for the exact same price here in the Dallas area (TX).
  12. You got a great car. I wish I could have gotten Sync in mine without having to get the premium trim. (It wasn't an option on the base GT in 2011).

    Your price sounds about right, perhaps even slightly better than average. The original dealer trying to sell the no option one was trying to screw you. I've heard of a lot of no option GTs going for $26,xxx in the last year or so.

    I wouldn't be too worried about the break-in, and having a long drive with a new car. That's not that big of deal with most new cars anymore. If it were me, I'd probably just not take the interstate, and take the two-lane roads through some of the small towns home just so I could vary the speed and load a little.

    You would have the 3:31 gear ratio....that is the standard ratio, the 3:55 and 3:73 are extra cost options in one way or another.

    As for the front plate, if the bracket is already on the car, it will have two drill holes in it. I never drilled and installed mine, but even so, there are two little indentations on the bumper as guides for where it would have been drilled. It shouldn't be that big of deal to fill/plug the holes with something.

    Don't worry about the warranty. The powertrain warranty is good for 5 years/60K. If it goes that far without problems, it will most likely keep on going for a long time after. And besides, if the local dealer was sticking it to you on the price, odds are they wouldn't give an inch on any future warranty claims either.

    Enjoy the car. You got a nice one.:nice:
  13. Thanks guys. I'm excited about tomorrow!

    Do you guys know anything about a "brochure discount"??
  14. Yes, request a brochure online and you'll usually get a $500-750 rebate in the mail. Takes about 2-3 weeks to recieve it in the mail but might show up in Vincent (dealer will know what that is) earlier.
  15. So I should try to request the brochure online now, even tho I am picking up the car tomorrow; or just lie and say I had one but forgot to bring it with me or something?
  16. Don't lie. Just tell them the situation... I'd bet it's not money out of their pocket, so they'll probably help you get it. If not, then you got a deal you were happy about two days ago; don't let the fact that you didn't know about another savings ruin it for you.

  17. ok, we'll see what happens. Leaving to pick it up in about 10 minutes. Got a long day of driving ahead of me!
  18. If the rebate doesn't show in Vincent there is nothing the dealer can do. The money is from Ford and it is definitely not retroactive.
  19. Hey! Where's the update? Pics? You posted on Wednesday, it's Friday! :shrug:
  20. yeah, sorry guys!!

    I did end up getting the car! Detailing it this weekend and doing a photoshoot. It also came with an ugly dark grey pinstripe that I thought was a reflection in the pics. Taking a heat gun and removing that too. Thanks for all the help.

    wasn't able to get that brochure discount though