Hopefully buying a '13 this week, have some questions

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  1. my back is killing me, however. Not sure if its the seats in the new car, the 8hr round trip, or the horsepower and shifting causing it.

    I had back surgery on in 2005. Had a herniated disc at age 19. 27 now and my back still flares up now and then.
  2. I love the car tho! My only regret is the anemic 3.31's. Man, its quite a noticeable difference from all the 3.73 mustangs I have test driven.
  3. Probably the long drive and the new seats.. Two herniated disks above my sacrum. A new couch ruined me lol

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13
  4. Hey guys! I did a whole days worth of detailing...too bad I didn't have much time to take pictures before it got dark.

    Here is BEFORE the pinstripe was removed:






    Used a 5 year old bottle of Meguiars Gold Class from when I used to own a Z28. Won't be using it again. I had forgotten how Gold Class is hard to remove and leaves a smudgy residue that is especially visible at night under artificial light. Sorry these pictures blow...too much backlight. Might try to get some good pictures today.

    Orange peel!! :D Looks shiny tho!


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  5. Beautiful! I like it a lot better without the stripes. I threw away my Gold Class too. Used it for years, didn't realize you didn't have to work that hard for a good shine. Congrats!
  6. Meguiars show car glaze:



    And Mustang's temporary home:
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  7. Nice. The red really pops
  8. so now whatre you going to do to this beauty!!?
  9. so far its all stock minus 35% tint. It still only has 2700 miles. I'm a bit weary of a tune because it will void most of the engine warranty. I think I might wait until I have more mileage before making any mods. Hopefully any early life failures arise before I start modding it!