Hoping To Get Back To My Ride Soon!

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  1. Hey everyone, been a long while since I have been on here been busy getting a college degree and haven't had time or money to do anything with my Cobra. Thought about selling it even posted it on CL at an inflated price hoping maybe someone would bite and I could start another project but alas I am destined to own this car for a while longer and maybe if my finances turn toward the upside I can even finish it the way I originally intended to. It sucks to see it out there every day sitting collecting dust and cobwebs with no gas or battery in it and wish I could just hop in it and drive but fuel prices and a few finishing items left prevent that from happening. Fired it up a few weeks ago and it ran kinda crappy wouldn't hold an idle and just sputtered and backfired so I shut it down until I have time to deal with all those issues and get a tune again. have been contemplating doing something with the fuel system... fox body throttle body conversion, carb. who knows??? I need to redo the trunk mounted battery setup and maybe rewire some things and mount the fuel pump lower so it doesn't run dry before the tank empties. Just need some inspiration and to save some $$$ so I can get her up and running right again. BEEN TOO DAMN LONG since I have ripped up the pavement and had that adreniline rush (you know what I am talking about!). Hopefully it will be soon I need my speed fix again!!! Hope everyone has a great day and gets their projects done!!! SEE YA!!! :track: :burnout:
  2. Congrats on the degree! Now get to work! ;)

    (on the car, that is)
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  3. Stop talking and start turning wrenches right meow! lol but seriously congrats and get that snake back on the road :)
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