Progress Thread Horse Sense - 66 Coupe To Fastback Conversion

66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

  1. actually i will be doing two at the same time this time ,this one is mine .it is a 66 C code -289 2v.
    a stang net member needed patch panels so i went ahead and removed the roof ,it was just easier that way. this one needs a floor and outer wheel tubs but every thing else is solid.
    the other is a 66 i think ,and belongs to a friend .he has already done some sheet metal replacement so i am not real sure what i will still need to replace on it. two at the same time should not be a big deal ,i will do a part on one then move to the other and do the same piece
    so the measurements will stay clear in my head:crazy: he is supposed to bring it out monday.
    the only problem i see right now is a lot of the Dynacorn metal is on back order and no one can say when it will be available,not long i hope. Edit ..I found a couple of before pics ,this is how it looked before i started cutting it apart . IMG_3187.JPG IMG_3191.JPG _MG_3321.JPG _MG_3322.JPG _MG_3323.JPG
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  2. Looking forward to the progress and thanks for the patch panels:cheers:
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  3. you are very welcome.
  4. You sir, are a certifiable maniac!:eek: I mean that in the most sincerely complimentary way.:nice:
  5. thank you sir. do what you love and love what you do. Jim
  6. Yes,

    Looking forward to seeing these projects in action.
  7. i started cutting my coupe apart. my friend hasn't brought his by yet.
    i cut out the back window area ,the tail panel and trunk brace , and the driver quarter ,just to hottttt! it actualy rained this morning .just enough to make it steamy :drool: . i left the inner quarter brace to the wheel tub just to keep the door jamb in line because i have the doors off. i will need the doors to fit up to the small piece of the quarter that is left on the door jamb before i finnish trimming all the little pieces of sheet metal that are left over . _MG_3329.JPG _MG_3330.JPG _MG_3331.JPG
  8. Looks like a solid foundation to build a fastback. How are the floors? They look great from this angle.
  9. floors are rusted so i am replacing the entire thing along with new floor supports, it sat for a while with the windows down and the carpet still in. the trunk floors are in good shape. i will be adding front torque boxes with the new floor. frame rails are in very good shape .
  10. i trimmed off the other quarter panel today and the other pieces that were left on the inner wheel tubs. i think i am going to sand blast the whole inside of the car this time before replacing any panels .it will be easier to do with the roof off . i have a set of original doors on the way . i will fit them to the door jambs before trimming of the last pieces of the quarters. i still have a little bit of trimming to do at the top of the windshield frame. _MG_3337.JPG _MG_3338.JPG _MG_3339.JPG
  11. i found a new tool at Home Depot . it is a roofing cutter but is identical to a auto body saw. i have been using the saws form harbor freight but i have already gone through 12 of them this year ,they are on warranty and they keep replacing them but they are pretty much worthless. this cutter is from Ridgid and it is very smooth and cuts through 18 guage like butter .it to has a replacement warranty. the bad part is it cost $99. i use them a lot and the warranty should make the extra cost worth it if it breaks down. they are great for fine cutting and tight fitting of panels. i use heavy duty hacksaw blades that i trim for sharp turns . i will let you know just how well it works out. i have already tried it and it is about 10 times better than the saws i have been using. we will just have to see how long it lasts. _MG_3356.JPG _MG_3355.JPG _MG_3357.JPG
  12. Nice find. The first Harbor Freight saw I had was a workhorse and I abused the heck out of it. They have since redesigned them and I have found that they work poorly right out of the box. I have been very disappointed in them. If your Ridgid replacement works as good as my first HF, then it is certainly worth the cost.

    Keep us updated.
  13. my first harbor freight lasted a couple of years,and i used it a lot.
    this one has some horse power to it .i just hope it will hold up, it sure is smooth cutting. i have bought new harbor freight saw that would not work right out of the box.

    i am going to try to finnish trimming it out tomarrow then sunday morning sand blast and primer. my friend said he will be bringing his out monday i will start cutting on it right away.
  14. i did a light sand blast this morning,just to find the spot welds and finnished trimming out the leftover scraps of metal. i will finnish blasting tomarrow and grind the lumps left over from the spot welds then maybe primer. looks like it will clean up realy well. the floor supports were a night mare to get off .they were spot welded about every inch all the way around and dime size spot welds. this is about as far as i have ever taken one down, i can pick it up it is so light. it is extra flimsy right now, i wouldnt dare step on the rockers. after i blast it it will be time to block it up and level it.i will be using my laser level again. it is pretty slick it is self leveling and levels verticle and horozontal at the same time and you dont have to worry about bumping it and throwing it out of level it will re sets its self:nice: _MG_3358.JPG _MG_3359.JPG
  15. i blasted and primed it this morning .i will blast the rest of it when i get the finnished body on the rotisserie. just waiting on Dynacorn now. _MG_3360.JPG _MG_3361.JPG _MG_3362.JPG
  16. got a call , most of the sheet metal made it in today. going to pick it up tomarrow. i hope it all fits in my truck,may have to make two trips. my friend still hasn't brought his out so it looks like i will have a head start on mine.
  17. i picked up the fast back panels to day. there is a lot of pieces that are on back order. i got both quarters ,the back window panel ,floor pan kit,outer wheel tubs ,one torque box,the rain gutters,the rear roof brace,the roof. but not enough to realy do any thing. the tail panel is so bad i would not think of using is warped dented and just all around bad. a friend of mine has a new old stock tail panel that i am going to buy .this one is just un usable. _MG_3363.JPG _MG_3364.JPG _MG_3365.JPG _MG_3366.JPG _MG_3368.JPG _MG_3371.JPG _MG_3369.JPG
  18. so you started cutting it without welding in gussets first?!!? that's brave. hope it all fits when it goes back together.
  19. not a problem ,it will all be leveled and squared before any panels are replaced
  20. cool. keep up the pics!
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