Progress Thread Horse Sense - 66 Coupe To Fastback Conversion

66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

  1. i got my deliveries done early so i picked up my parts.not every thing was there but enough to get started. the trunk devider was there and it is the first piece that has to go perfectly ,got it welded in place .even old pop and spatter was welding good:rlaugh: the door post pieces were there so i spot welded them in place .i assembled the driver upper jamb but it is only clamped in right now , i have a lot of measureing to do there .still not bad for just a couple hours work.that spot welder is a big time saver. i should be able to get pretty far with it tomarrow. _MG_3442.jpg _MG_3444.jpg _MG_3447.jpg _MG_3451.jpg _MG_3454.jpg _MG_3457.jpg
  2. i wish i could show what i got done today,but my imaging program is down so i cant size images. both door openings are done .both quarters are on but not yet welded at the bottom in the rear.tail panel is connected to both quarters and done. back window panel is welded in .trunk lid is bolted on .end caps are bolted on . the roof is setting in place but not welded .i just have to weld the roof on and put in the rear roof under brace in and weld the bottoms of the quarters and the out side is done .then i have to make the inner bracing for the inside of the quarters and it is finnished. i hope to have my imaging program back up tonight but you know what computers are like:nonono:
  3. WOW! You are Truly One Talented SOB! You make look so easy.
  4. Really nice work.

    My brother & I have several '65-'66's laying around that our Dad hoarded over the years.
    So far, I'm the only one who has done anything with them. My nephew is really getting enthused since I've got my '66 conv back on the road.
    I'm trying to convince him convert one of the coupes to a FB.

    What do you do with the slot in the door jamb for the ¼ glass?

    I changed out the door jambs on my '65 FB years ago and had to use door jambs out of a coupe. I made a small patch panel and just welded it up.
    Are the FB door jambs available now days?
  5. i make a filler patch but the door jamb for the fastback is now available
  6. my imaging program is still down so i used my moms computer

    one long ,and very hot, hard days work. i should be able to finnish the outer body today _MG_3462.jpg _MG_3463.jpg _MG_3464.jpg _MG_3465.jpg _MG_3466.jpg _MG_3467.jpg _MG_3471.jpg _MG_3472.jpg _MG_3474.jpg _MG_3475.jpg
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  7. Looks great except for the trunk lid. I hope that's not going to be the color scheme:scratch:
  8. nope ,that's off my old drag racer .looked good on the race car.
  9. roof brace welded in ,the roof is welded on, the welds are ground ,the lower part of both quarters is welded ,she done. i still have to roll the wheel lips at the rear quarters but i am going to wait untill i get it up on the rotisserie. i have to make the inner structure still but i have other work to do this week end so it will have to wait a couple of days. not to bad for a couple days work. _MG_3477.jpg _MG_3478.jpg _MG_3480.jpg _MG_3481.jpg
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  10. Incredible Work! How long have you been doing this type of work?
  11. on and off ,about 25 years.
  12. Just out of curiosity, what would all that work cost to do for a customer?
  13. about $7,500 labor and parts.
  14. How much were the parts so far?
  15. about $3500 but i still have torque boxes to go so around $3600
    dynacorn is changing every thing over to weld through primer and they raised the prices on very thing .i kind of prefer the black coating
  16. How much will the conversion affect cost compared to a real fastback car?
  17. hard to say ,every one has there own thoughts about it .it doesn't bother me
    as long as i can register it. last one i did ,i got an offer on it and sold it before i even had it finished.
  18. Looks like it's coming along very nice.
  19. Horse sense do you find these cars, convert them, then sell them, or do people bring there cars to you for conversion. Either way I can see that it is truly a labor of love .