Progress Thread Horse Sense - 66 Coupe To Fastback Conversion

66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

  1. i buy them and convert them with intentions of finishing them but just like the last one i already have two people interested in this one.good thing i have two more of my own cars ,i may get one finished just for me :shrug:
  2. i got the inner structure finished just need to tie the door post to the roof brace on both sides. i still have to make the drip trays under the quarter vents and fill the quarter window holes in the rear door posts. i set this one up for shelby quarter windows but i need the drip trays because that is what the interior fiberglass attaches to. i got both torque boxes but not the floor supports and they have to go in first.supposed to get them tomorrow.soon as the torque boxes are in it is going up on the rotisserie to finish the rear wheel lips and sand blast the under side and prime. _MG_3493.JPG _MG_3494.JPG _MG_3492.JPG _MG_3487.JPG _MG_3488.JPG _MG_3490.JPG _MG_3491.JPG
  3. the floor supports ,torque boxes are in. the torque boxes did not fit they were welded together crooked,wish i had bought the un welded ones . i had to take them apart and re weld them. they fit good now . it is on the ground now .i still have some welding under side but i will finish that on the rotisserie. i still need the battery apron and radiator support before it goes up on the rotisserie. i will order a new driver door and both front fenders. looks like its time to start on the red one. _MG_3498.JPG _MG_3499.JPG _MG_3497.JPG _MG_3500.JPG
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  4. Looks Great! Makes me want to be like Horse Sense! Wish i could do this. LOL
  5. any one can do it .the inner structure is now available from Dynacorn
    i will finish both of the ones i am working on now with 67 pieces ,because i already have them .but the next one will be with 65-66 pieces,it will be much easier because i wont have to make the parts
  6. i started working on the red one today.there is a lot that has to be replaced first .the rear door posts are rotted through.both rockers are rotted in the rear half.
    i dont like to patch pieces if i can help it but the rockers are hard to replace so i am going to do just the rear portion. i went just ahead of the rotted spot and cut off the back half at 24 inches. i then cut a new piece at 24 inches long. i drilled the new piece for plug welds and slipped pieces of rocker in side of it ,clamped it and filled in the plug welds. i then drilled the old rocker for plug welds and slid the new rocker in place . i made sure the points lined up and screwed the new piece to the old rocker. dont expect the new piece to match perfectly they are very slightly different ,but they matched up quite well after screwing them down. i then clamped the rocker to the inner rocker and welded the points first so they would not move. i then did the full weld ,removed the screws and welded in the plugs. it came out realy nice ,no overlap of the outer surface and with the pieces inserted and plug welded they will be realy strong and will take very little to make perfect.i will do the other side the same way. _MG_3502.JPG _MG_3503.JPG _MG_3504.JPG _MG_3505.JPG _MG_3506.JPG _MG_3507.JPG _MG_3510.JPG _MG_3511.JPG _MG_3512.JPG
  7. i spot welded the rear door posts together and welded on the driver side to the rocker .i used my good old Harbor Freight spot welder,what a time saver .no welds to grind ,welds as fast as you can pull the trigger. only problem is there is a limit as to how far the tongs will reach with the tongs that come with it .it works great for tail panels ,radiator support and any where the is an edge to weld .you can get other tongs but that is the expensive part. _MG_3513.JPG _MG_3514.JPG _MG_3517.JPG _MG_3516.JPG
  8. the pass. side is done .i did it the same as the driver side . i had to cut this side a little longer ,it had a dent . it didnt line up quite as easy as the other side but not bad at all . the door post is welded in place .now i can start on the rest of the door jamb. _MG_3518.JPG _MG_3519.JPG _MG_3520.JPG _MG_3521.JPG
  9. Lookin good, lookin good. Who would have thought all of that damage was hiding under that purdy red paint
  10. oh there is a lot more hiding than that. i am going to have to do a lot of replacement .
  11. i assembled the door frames today,trimmed them and welded them in . i think i could do this with my eyes closed now . i guess the trunk devider will be next _MG_3533.JPG _MG_3534.JPG _MG_3535.JPG
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  12. I gotta do this to one of the coupes we have.

    Where are you sourcing all the other FB parts? like glass, interior panels, back seat, etc.
  13. there will not be a back seat ,it will be a package tray. all the glass is available now. i am going to use stang-aholics interior fiberglass the stuff is realy nice .it has perfect original type grain finish .it even has the light cones in the big panels.
    the windshield trim is available and so is the back window trim. the roof trim that holds the rubber will be 67 fast back ,it is available it just has to be shortened 3/4 of an inch in the rear by the door.
  14. i made some of the brackets that mount the interior fiberglass. the small bracket on the wheel tub and the long bracket that mounts the big panels beside the seat.
    the three brackets in the front that mount the big panel and the upper vent panel are original 67s they are the same 65-68 , i got lucky and had a set from a destroyed 67 fast back. i still have about 9 more brackets to go and they are not available so they have to be made. i already tried the fiberglass panels and it looks like a perfect fit so far. _MG_3542.JPG _MG_3543.JPG _MG_3544.JPG _MG_3545.JPG
  15. great work man!
  16. i have all but the two long brackets made,the ones that look like a Ws tied together .they will take a while .i test fit the fiberglass and it FIT. it is only clamped in place and it FITS. all the brackets hit right on in every hole:banana: _MG_3547.JPG _MG_3548.JPG _MG_3549.JPG
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  17. i made the last two brackets ,it was easier than i thought it would be. i bolted and screwed all the fiberglass in place .i have to move the top bracket on the driver side large panel back about 1/4 inch to let the panel pull up all the way but every thing works very nice . now i have to locate the 1 inch wide trim and the two larger trim pieces at the roof on the headliner ,that is the only trim pieces i don't have. i ordered both new doors and both front fenders today not sure when they will be in, nothing comes in fast when i order it.still waiting on the radiator support and the battery apron:mad: _MG_3550.JPG _MG_3551.JPG _MG_3552.JPG
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  18. Whats the story with the fiberglass covering the air extractor hole? Did you make those?
  19. they are for an R model project road racer i will be working on, blocked off vent holes . i made them
  20. i got the seat devider and the tail panel and the outer wheel tubs in the red one today .you can realy tell the difference between the cheeper wheel tubs that my friend bought and the dynacorn tubs i used in my car, they are cheeper for a reason.
    a friend of mine brought me the trim pieces for around the fiberglass panels for my car this morning,glad to get them .that was the only pieces i didn't have. what a great birthday present. _MG_3553.JPG _MG_3554.JPG _MG_3557.JPG _MG_3555.JPG
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