how can i get 600-650 rwhp on this car??

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by snoopy98, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. Who got the T56? What part of the T5 "snapped"?
  2. i might be wrong but

    i think my car comes with a t-3650 if im correct. second off i got in touch with tim at t&j and im thinking about the intercooled 9 psi kenny bell twin screw supercharger im probably going to dive up their to his shop in 2 weeks and get my blower installed in two days tim told me it could be done in two days. before i go up their im getting (eibach sportline springs installed tommorow) and im getting long tube headers o/r shorty x pipe by bbk and mac cat back installed. found a shop that will get me in next week and install all of these parts thank goodness for christmas bounus and my wife's understanding. im going to be abover my 6k budget bye about 2 grand but its okay. thanks for all the help guys and gals
  3. Way to go!! Awesome choice in both your power adder and in T&J. You wont regret that one, lol.

  4. i cant

    wait to see my #'s in feb. i hope to get atleast 430 rwhp bye the end of feb. from their i will probably enjoy my car for a few months and just go out and get a new trany and rear end and gears and centerfoce 2 clutch for my b-day in august.
  5. well

    got new picture of my car will take picture of it later after it comes out of the shop from being lowered.
  6. Good choice with T&J, you can not go wrong with Tim and Jeff. :nice:
  7. Grats on deciding to get a KB. You're going to love that low end torque. :nice: What was your trick to get Tim to work on your car so soon? I must be doing something wrong. :rlaugh:
  8. Or not doing anything to him at all :lol: :rlaugh:

    j/k :D
  9. AND Andy!! :nice:

  10. I never had first hand experience with it, but I kept hearing from mustang guys and sports car magazines that they were on #so so t5. I don't think they accually "snapped" from a 600 ft./lbs. clutch drop. at least none reported! :D
  11. He's not a pain in the ass.:)

    Actually,this is news to me..I cant do anything else in January..
    Snoop,if you want to do something,you need to call me.It will take 2-3weeks to get the charger and will need to schedule you asp..We are slammed and it gets worse by the week.
    Sizz,you need to get your interior out..We have a date @ the chassis shop.

  12. cool

    ohh sorry i thought you might of been able to get me in the last week of january i will probably call you tommorow. and do you take credit cards over the phone so i can order my kenne bell. or if not i will mail you a check over night in the mail.
  13. I thought that the 2v - GT block is only rated from Ford up to 450 hp and the 4v - Cobra block is rated to 650 hp?

    I rode in a 430 rwhp '03 cobra this weekend and it was awesome. That car pulled all the way through the revs in every gear :hail2:
  14. The V8 Supercars are about 1300kg, not much less than current mustangs, have 650hp (fwhp I believe), are basically a tubular chassis/cage with car skin around it, racing suspension, better aerodynamics, and 10 inch slicks, and they have to be relatively gentle with the car when it is dry, on a race track!

    Now, you would like the same (more I think, you did say rwhp right?) power with suspension, chassis, tyres, that offer much less than the V8 Supercar setups.

    (The above was just to give you some perspective on what 650hp is)

    Myself, if I were building the car for 650hp, I would put a cage in, racing seats and harnesses, the best suspension I could find, the best clutch, driveshaft, diff, brakes, and tires I could find. I guess this would cost a *little* more than 6k (with the cost of the 650hp motor included).

    This would be insane for a street car, big pain to get in and out of, and to drive, etc. Like most others said, 400 would be plenty, especially to start with.
  15. big shot

    400 shot of NO2, but it is only good one time.