How do u make a 2.3 sound better??

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  1. Tylers turbo vert sounds good above 4,500 RPM. he has a custom 3" exhaust. Low in the rev range though, it sounds like a Powerstroke diesel. :rlaugh:

    I have the exhaust cut off right after the cat in my '89, and that is way loud. It sounds good at idle, but it sounds like a damn cannon going off when you get on the gas, LOL. And at certain RPM's it vibrates the whole interior. :lol: You can seriously hear that exhaust from over a half mile away. It can also resonate really bad sometimes. I often find myself with a headache when ever I drive that car for more than 15 minutes, haha.

    my car WAS (got rid of it recently):

    2.3 bored .030
    wiseco pistons
    crower rods
    lunati valvetrain and cam
    ported and knifeedged lower intake manifold
    gutted upper intake manifold
    5.0 throttle body
    msd 6A ignition and coil
    pacesetter longtube header
    no catalytic converter
    dual spintech mufflers exiting out the back

    it sounded okay... the cam made it pretty lopey sounding. :D
  3. Hey ka0tyk, what equipment did you use to record that in MP3 format? Are you using a camcorder or maybe a portable player?
    Good stuff :nice:
  4. HaHa definitely sounds like a diesel engine!
  5. my sony digital camera has a movie mode... so i just took a movie of it, then used "sound forge" and recorded just the audio and saved as an mp3...
  6. i got a single cat-back with a 40 series.. and it sound tight until 2500 rpms and up it sounds ricey up there.. so im alwayz shiftin about 2k.. but if i add a ranger header will it sound much better? are areostar headers interchangle too? what will sound better ranger or the van :shrug:
  7. IT WILL NEVER SOUND BETTER. It is a 2.3 T or N/A its is still a 2.3.
  8. MY setup

    I welded on a 18" supertrap muffler at the collector on my header in my sandrail and it sounds real nice.
  9. How do u make a 2.3 sound better??

    TURN OFF THE ENGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I just eliminated the muffler with 2 45 degree exhaust pieces and I expected it to be loud and obnoxious. Quite the opposite. Not sure if the two bends (to create offset inlet/outlet) Helps muffle it or what but it sounds nice. Even at 5k it's not any louder then a 5.0/