How does V.8 compare to V.6?

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  1. I have just come back from a week long trip to L.A. Went rented a brand new V.6 Mustang with just 5k on the clock.

    I drove the car a hell of a lot in the week as i'm geuinely interested in getting one of these.

    But the V.6 was a collosal dissapointment. I wouldnt buy a V.6 anyway but i did expect it to have a bit of grunt. You can imagine my dissapointment to discover this 4.0 engine is nowhere near a quick as my 1.8T, 150bhp Audi A.6 or my 40 year old 302 GT Fatsback. Whats going on here, how can such a big, modern engine, with apparently 200bhp be so slow from standstill. Ok when you get it going its ok, but from the lights, it just has no pulling power.

    So, V.8 owners, will the V.8 dissapoint or is there a significant difference in power?
  2. The GT can't get out of its own way.

    OK, I'm just stirring the pot - I suggest you go to a dealer and test drive one, otherwise you'll get a bunch of subjective opinions, I suspect mostly from people who've only driven one or the other.
  3. One of the problems with both the GT and the V6 is in the programming. This is the major cause of the initial lag you feel. It can be easily corrected with a reflash or chip.
  4. I don't think it's possible to compare a V6 to a V8 in my opinion...
  5. You cannot compare the performance of the V6 to the V8 at all.
  6. Of course you can compare them, havn't I already compared the V.6 to my 18.T Audi A6?

    Now the difference between a V.6 Mustang and a V.8 Mustang is far less than a Mustang to an Audi.

    Ok, so lets put it this way. Anyone out there who has driven BOTH a V.6 and a V.8, can you please describe how the driving experience differs?....

    The V.6 lacks power when accellerating from stadstill, how is the V.8 from standstill?

    The atuobox is slow to shift gear, how is autobox with the V.8?
  7. The reason why its slow from a stop is because the rear gearing is made for good gas mileage on the highway. Change the gears and the car will pull out much faster. But NO 6 or 4 banger can compare with the torque a V8 produces.
  8. I'm betting you drove an automatic? Maybe wrong. But I've driven both automatics and standards, and the standard felt a lot better. Maybe just my imagination. :shrug:
  9. One has 200 hp and the other has 300 hp, I'd say thats a pretty big difference.
    The GT runs real nice. The new GT will prob tear apar your old stang with no problem. Test drive one, I dont think you'll be let down

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  10. I feel the same way. I have test driven both v6 an v8 auto and sandard. The standard felt a lot better even in the v6.
  11. Also keep in mind it was a RENTAL car. I'm sure they are aware that people want to flog these things to death and they probaby change parameters in the computer to make it even more "safe" (aka slow). I know I would if I was renting cars

    We flash the computer to make it faster, they flash to make them slower
  12. Having been involved with Fleet Sales in the past, I know for a fact that Ford offers this "Detune". If you ever buy one of these Fleet cars, a quick trip to the dealer to get it retuned will fix things. Ford offered this free of charge to new owners in the past, don't know what their policy is now-a-days.
  13. Just did my GT. You're 100% spot on. The car is like a rocket off the line.

    Diablo Performance Tune. :nice:
  14. First off the V6 has 210hp.
    I wouldnt go so far as to say "it will tear apart an old stang with no problem". Yes the new stang is faster but it wont destroy an older stang. The new stang weights alot more than the old one.
    And its not the HP that makes your car quick, its the torque. Theres not much of a difference in the "peak" torque numbers.
  15. Are you sure about this? Which old one?
  16. So are you actually suggesting an 05V6 is just as fast as the 05GT? I don't know about the rest of the people in this forum, but I'll put my GT up against any V6 out there.

    I just wanna note that there are a lot of happy V6 owners out there and I think it's a great car. But if you want maximum performance, it's a simple answer - you go with a GT if it's in your budget.
  18. Actually they are heavier then all the previous Mustangs. My Fox weights 3104 and the new GT premium is a very heavy 3506 (ford specs).
  19. He is fully aware of the ins and outs of old stangs. He and I built my 66 from the ground up. The only thing that wasnt changed is the main section of the body (roof, quraters, deck lid). He has been to many Mustang events with me and has seen what "stock" old cars run and what "modified" old cars run. Unless he has modded the 68 GT fastback it will run mid 14s. My stock 05 GT ran low 14s.

    He has also helped me with every modification to date on my 05 GT
  20. I just did some random searching. These are all curb weights:

    05 GT: 3425 lbs
    '67 Shelby: 3521 lbs
    '65 Mustang: 2980 lbs, '68 Shelby 3665 lbs, '69 Mach 1 3571 lbs, '71 Boss 351: 3452 lbs, '72 (142 hp) Mustang, 3300 lbs
    2002 Mustang GT, 3280 lbs
    2003 Cobra, 3665 lbs
    2004 Mach 1: 3469 lbs

    Granted, several of these had bigger engines and/or superchargers, but it's simply not true that "the 05 is heavier than all the previous mustangs" - it's only 100-200 pounds heavier than the fox body mustangs.

    Edit note: Wow, I never knew that tripod was a dirty word, but the long link is: