how fast is a V6..........

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  1. What is the 0-60 and 1/4 on a stock 2004 V6 Stang?

  2. both I guess, or which ever is faster!
  3. a 6 banger in the 1/4 is about as fast as a geo metro going up a 45 degree hill.

    (joke) i think they run mid 15's no?
  4. Quarter Mile

    Automatic 04 16.1-16.6.
    Manual 04 15.4-16.5 (driver)
  5. Yeah, I hit a 15.5 virtually stock (exhaust and heavy Bullitts) with a crappy 2.331 60ft, so I could definately be in the 15.2 range if I could launch it right. Oh, and 14.94 has been done with the spare tire out so it's really all up to the driver. It helps if you're Evan Smith. :D
  6. eh...that run was luck....ur not gonna do much better then a 2.33 anyways without a tlok...
  7. thar fAsT likez nOON evor!
  8. a V6?

    4.3sec 0-60
    12.5 1/4 mile
  9. he's talking miles, not kilometers...

    damn canucks.:D
  10. :rolleyes: Yeah, after you put some serious money in it.
    What's the 0-60 and 1/4 on a '93 Cobra?
  11. um....hell if i know...theres only like 2000 of those left on the street(if that)...

  12. no man no man, bone stock
  13. I have a question about this...with the mods I have, with an automatic tranny, the best quarter I've been able to hit is a 16.3 @ 89mph :nonono: . My 0-60 is about 7.5 secs :notnice:. Now all these stats came from a G-Tech performance these times sound right or do you think I should be running quicker than that? The car is in better-than-new condition running regular unleaded and synthetic Valvoline oil. Also, I got a measure of 220 HP from the same performance meter. I'm just curious as to how accurate this meter is. Thanks in advance. :flag: :cheers:
  14. someone didnt listen when we said AZNZEBRA is talking about kilometers-per-hour and such, notmiles, cuz he lives in canadia (lol)
  15. canadia = teh LoOzArZ!!!!11one!!1 :notnice:
  16. I don't know much about that G-tech, but your HP figure seems rather high. If it was right, it would mean that just a CAI, dual exhaust and a TB spacer gave you 30 HP. :shrug:
  17. Well, the instrucions say that the meter reads about 10-15HP LOWER than what a dyno would say b/c the meter takes into account wind drag, etc. It says you should do five runs, throw out the worst reading and the best reading, then take the average of the three you have left. I threw out a 218 for the worst and a 228 for the average of the remaining three was 220, which would put my car at 230-235HP on the dyno. :shrug: It seems kind of high to me too, but I don't know.

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  19. "it came to $4.56 and i got $0.44 change from a 5, man, they must be dumb"

    at least we can add and subtract!