How Long do Nitto Drag radials last?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by BlueOvalStangGT, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. First off i need to know which one is for the street and then i want to know how long do those typically last. thanks (275/40/17)
  2. I drag raced on mine nearly every week and still got ~10-12K miles out of every set I've had.

    555 is the normal street tire (this is NOT a drag radial though)
    555R is the drag radial
    555RII is the road race tire
  3. the 555 does have more traction then an average tire though, doesnt it? are the 555r streetable?
  4. Definately streetable. But expect less traction in wet conditions.
  5. I don't think the 555 has more traction than a normal tire. Traction depened on surface area and treadwear rating more than anything. I run a cheap nangkang tire currently (my nitto wore out and I knew I'd be buying new wheels soon) and the thing hooks like crazy, I had a 1.91 60' on them. The 555r is DEFINITELY streetable and will hook very well, it is actually the BEST "damp" road tire I've ever had. Meaning on wet roads (without any depth to the water) they hooked better than any tire I've ever owned. Run them with ~25lbs of air on the street and they will live a long time, any more than that and the centers wear out too fast.
  6. do you think 555r's would be worth it for my setup? (Cobra intake manifold, Mac longtubes, eibach pro-kit, are all sitting in my room waiting for intall) after those mods all ill probably do is maybe throttle body/MAF and then im done. i drive my car everyday
  7. yes, a set of drag radials is great mod for any setup, even bone stock. you will definetly see gains in your 60' and ET.
  8. do you think i could get some for 18x10.5 size rims??? And they do hook good in the rain? I thought they sucked in wet?
  9. Go to for a list of sizes. You can get them for 18x10.5 but I think they only go up to 285x35 to keep stock tire height. You can get 305x35's but they are about 1" taller than stock.
  10. I have at least 15k on mine and they still have about 20% life left. They arent spectacular in rain, but if you drive safely they wont kill you. I have at least 50 1/4 passes on them and lots of burnouts and they have held up very well. Also I have road-raced & auto-x'd on them and they performed better than expected for a soft sidewall drag radial.

    Also to note that the Nitto 555R2 road race tire is only available in 275/40/17, so I cant use it because I need a 315 or wider for my 11" rear wheels.
  11. What tire pressure are you guys running with your Nitto's at the strip? I only got 3 passes out of mine, but I believe I had them at ~17psi.

    Also, not that you have to worry about this in Florida but NItto Drag radials are HORRIBLE in cold weather! Once it started getting cold in Wisconsin, I had to swap to my winter wheels.