40th Anniv How many Competition Orange Mustangs were made?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by jlhall_10, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. I have one of these things

    I have had my competition orange mustang since 4-15-2004. Today I received my SLP Loudmouth exhaust system and installed it. Wow is this thing loud. Anyway, just wanted to put one more tally mark for the competition orange mustangs of 2004.
  2. :flag: i have a 1996 orange crush mustang gt with a white convertible top,i was told its a one of a kind but not sure,im trying to figure out exactaly how many were made but havent had any luck yet
  3. how many orangecrush mustang gts with white convertible tops were made in 96

    ive been trying to find out how many orangecrush mustangs were made i 96,i have one of my own and was told its a one of akind but not sure,mine is a gt v8 with white convertible top :nice: ive had mine since 2-20-03 its cool
  4. Its not "orange crush" its "Tangerine" and there is a registry already for them.
  5. mines orange crush

    sorry but my is orange crush its says so on the paper work and its very hard to come by theres not very many of them at all infact theres a few tangerines here where im from and they said mines a one a a kind mines the only one here its assume :nice:

  6. Must be a repaint then. I don't see Ford making a "one-off" Mustang in "orange crush"...What paperwork? What does the door tag say for paint code?
  7. Comp Orange Gt

    :spot: I have one. Mods on it so far are roush stage 3 front bumper cover and magnaflow cat back.
  8. what yr is yours mines a 96 i was told when i bought it,it was a one of a kind they told me it was orangecrush w/white converible top and very hard to find another like it,in fact where im from theres only about 3 here that are tangerine orange and they also told me i was very lucky to find the one i got

  9. You still won't answer the original question...whats the paint code for this "one off" Mustang. :rolleyes:
  10. I Don't Know About The Orange Crush One Of A Kind,but I Recently Found Out That I Have 1 Of 3 Bright Tangerine Gt Convertibles With A White Top And Black andWhite Interior.this According To Third Generation Registery.mine Also Has The Boss Shinoda Trim Package . The Paint Code For Bright Tangerine Is "cm". :)
  11. another comp orange GT owner here! had it since 11-03 bought right off the showroom floor... gonna lay claim to the most powerful orange 04GT in the land right now that I know of. my car has seen quite a few exterior and interior changes. Here's a pic of it..


    430rwhp 425tq on stock block with Procharger motivation!!!
  12. # of GT's Built Competition Orange

    408 177 automatics and 231 5 speeds. Hard question to get an answer to it took me 2 years no thanks to Ford what so ever :bang: . I wish the Orange registry were up and running.

    Sorry GT Convertibles.
  13. awesome, thanks for the info and the hard work 4 cruzen!
  14. How Many

    I got the numbers from the guy who runs th eYellow Mustang registry. If you go there you will see how many of each colour where made but he can get you specifics. Ford sucks. They deny that they have th edata but I also know that they do have it and just will not release it, you have to have a contact to get it.:shrug:
  15. And another one....

    Here is my Competition Orange Stang. I love it. Greatest color ever made. Im bout to put the scoop on it after it gets painted black.


  16. Let me know because I am trying to document everything I can.

  17. With the amount of time (several hours) involved and the apparent lack of interest...sorry. No replies for six months? Maybe sometime in the future I'll sort things out.