How many gears can you chirp?

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  1. :lol: :lol:

    The ol' reverse burnout. :rlaugh:

    1-3 for me granny shifting in the Mach w/ 3.55s (car has a ton of midrange, tires just start talkin sometime if I just goose it in gear), in the old '02 GT w/ 3.27s 1-3 hammering them hard.
  2. 4 in the stang
    3 in the stratus :).
  3. Backend kicks into second and once in awhile it chirps into third... actually once in awhile it bounces off the rev limiter shifting into third :D ...
    If doing 80km/h (48 mph i think) and you floor it when it downshifts it spins the tires a little bit, enough to really surprise the douchebags beside me not letting me out of the merge lane.

    PS: It's an auto. :canada: :nice:
  4. [​IMG]
  5. 5 gears in the rain..
    I spin 2nd and a little in 3rd in the mustang on the 1/4 mile track. I spin 2nd on the street, thats it
  6. Lol i used to do MEAN reverse burnouts in my 4spd manual 2.3L stang. But then i threw a rod.
  7. I now can chirp 3 in my 98 GT with the 3650. Only 2 with T45

    And o yeah in reverse too:lol:
  8. Well If I just straight up abuse the hell out of my car, I can spin second a little, but have'nt chirped third yet, come to think of it I never really payed attention.
    I know that usually with a new clutch you'll find that you can chirp better, enough of the obvious, but, yeah, gears change everything. Stock gears on a stock 99+ second is simple, you really dont even need to try, but 98-, you gotta actually try.
  9. Can spin on the 2nd gear shift and get a pretty solid chirp into 3rd gear with my stock GT with stock 3.27's. I think i squeaked 4th once but i think it was my imagination.

    But that's more of a testament of how crappy your tires are. Stock goodyears blow.

  10. Cobras came with pony emblems in the grille...

    How can you tell it has dumps?
  11. The '94 Cobra was originally supposed to come OEM with a snake in the grill.

    Someone at Ford decided last second thatall Mustangs should have the pony in the grill so it got canned.
  12. When N/A, none.

    With KB, all of 'em, including OD.
  13. Im 100% sure the cobra in the vid has a side exhaust...I know because i can see it:shrug:
  14. 1-2 and can spin almost all the way through 2nd... Rarely get a chirp in 3rd though. (Live at 3500 foot elevation) Never driven the car at sea level.
  15. With my old 265/35/18 BFG KDW's I could get 1-4th if I really tried.. didn't get 4th too much, but it did happen sometimes haha..

    With the new 285/35/18 GS-D3's I can chirp 1st and 2nd, but every now and then (however it's very rare) i can get 3rd :)
  16. today put in some 91 octane and put the 91 octane tune in my car, on the test drive with the traction control off, i chirded 2-3
  17. chirped 2nd and 3rd. stock gears and shifter at the time.