How many quarts of oil with filter change?

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  1. For what its worth, There is a little town in Albion Illinois that has a filter manufacturer called Champion Labs that makes Luberfiner brand filters and many other brand name filters that it ships nation and worldwide. I don't know for sure if they are all equall in the insides, but they do make a lot of them.
  2. How many quarts of oil does a 98 V6 take? Is it standard 5 quarts. My sons mustang was bought used and of course it has no owners manual. Also, I see what type filter most prefer, what kind of oil does everyone like? The car actually only has 75,000 miles on it so its not extremely high mileage for such an older car.
  3. Well it's probably 5 quarts with filter, as are 90% of vehicles on the road...also, further questions should probably be directed to the V6 board, we don't deal with them here.
  4. ---5qt w/filter and always fill the filter prior to installation. Pretty much all oils are the same, but you'll want 10W30 for our temperatures (howdy neighbor).

    ---Note: The API rating of CF4 is a diesel rating. IIRC, API C-F will be SG and be very high, maybe the highest, in ZDDP. AFAIK, SG was what gave Quaker State it's bad name for sludge build-up, as too much Zinc will cause sludge.

    ---You will probably be better off using a "top tier" or a synthetic than to worry about additives and the right parts per million (ppm). Even SuperTech from Wal-Mart has jumped to the devil's SM API class and diesel oils now (CJ4) will have no or low zinc due to EGR valves and such so as to abide by new emission standards.

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    ---As for filters, Motorcraft or Baldwin for me, then NAPA Gold/Wiz/Mileage Plus (which are the same filter, no fooling) and the anti-drainback valve in all the above make them suitable for synthetic oils. Stay away from all forms of Fram unless you race and rebuild your engine between oil changes.