How Much Can I Get For This Car ?

Discussion in 'Fox Body Mustangs For Sale (1979-93)' started by zanelx50, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. Just put new tires on today and cleaned her .... how much $$$ can this car fetch ... need to get engaged -_- lol. Check her out and give me a ballpark .. I am guessing 4000 am I insane asking that much? Location Long Island NY
  2. Does it have blue interior?
  3. yes. check out the pictures on the blog... shows the condition of the car.. in 2 weeks i want the car to go up for sale ... within the 2 weeks i am going to order the body side moldings and restore the pony wheels
  4. a little about the car:

    5.0 5 speed original
    thumper heads
    e cam
    cut and ported upper
    underdrive pulleys
    full length bbk headers and exhaust
    lower control arms
    quad shocks removed
    new moldings on windows
    power windows work / power mirrors dont... havent looked into it.
    has mp3 stereo
    it has no ac and no heat :/
    power steering relocated

    exterior is in great condition (has been repainted and new moldings have been put on with a new cowl vent)
    interior is SOLID and looks nice not MINT but definitely nice.

    i drive the car daily 40 mile round trip no problem never had any issues.
    transmission shifts perfectly.
    oil changed a month ago.

    so what can i get haha ?
  5. The interior color I would say hurts you, but the car looks to be in very nice shape. 4k would be a starting point
  6. Interior shouldn't hurt much if it's clean. I'd take a clean blue interior over a dirty black interior anyday.

    Vehicle mileage? Hows the car overall? Mods can be purchased, but a clean straight car is what people are mostly after these days
  7. I am looking to get no LESS than 4000 ... I did my research i KNOW whats out there people are selling shells for that much money that are in primer with no interior... a whole, very presentable clean car i think is worth more than that. one more thing with this car is whoever did the rear didnt shim it right now when you go from reverse to forward theres a little clunk. but i think i am gonna put it up for 5000 and take no less than 4000.
  8. I can't click on the link at work. It's an Auto? I'm looking for a notch.
  9. Its a 5 speed
  10. Heres a pic

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  11. BTW...are you aware that "What it's worth" ads are not allowed in the forums
  12. Nice car, worth 4k easy buuuuuuuut, have you thought about keeping the car and just hitting up the nearest pawn shop for a ring? She'll never know!
  13. Unless it has 200k miles, you should get more than 4k

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