How Much Would It Cost To Do A Complete Pi Swap?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Nick D, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. How much would it cost to do a complete PI Swap? I want to do a complete PI swap on my 98 gt but i need to save up for it. Also, how much increase in Horsepower will i see?
  2. The answer of course, will depend on your resources available and your abilities. It could be anywhere from $300 to $3,000 or more, depending how you approach it.

    If you have a local junk yard which you can pull the parts yourself, you could probably squeak by around $300 if you didn't rebuild any of the parts. If you had a shop do the labor and put in ported heads with aftermarket cams, it will certainly be on the other side of $3,00, maybe closer to 4k.

    As for power gains, on a mostly stock setup going to stock PI stuff, you should see around 40-55rwhp. With a tune, you'll be on the higher end. Obviously, ported heads and cams will give you more, even up to 100rwhp with the right combo.

    I went with just a PI intake and PI cams. That'll give you 80% of the gains with half the work. I have been contemplating throwing some PI heads on, now that I have them in hand. Might do a little light porting and give it some new valve seals to make it worth while.
  3. I've seen heads/cams/intake in perfect condition go on forum classifieds for $400 or cheaper. Just saw a complete, low mile setup sell on a local forum for $300. Throw in all the gaskets you need and fluids, and it can easily be done for around $500. Full PI motors can be had for just a little more for a more straightforward swap, but you're taking a bigger risk with something being wrong with it.

    Stock NPI cars are rated around 220. Stock PI cars are 260ish. So there's a 40 hp difference stock. The extra compression is worth a solid 10 more hp, and a tune would probably be worth 10 more, too. So as Brian said, a full swap with a tune will net you a good 50-60 rwhp. A PI headswap car with basic bolt-ons (offroad midpipe, CAI, UDPs), will make north of 260 rwhp and should run low 13s pretty easily with a decent driver. Long tubes, drag radials, and gears would put it in the 12s. Pretty stout car, really.
  4. I found a guy on ebay whom sells a PI swap kit . Includes the heads/cams/intake as well as the kit needed for everything to work correctly. brackets/gaskets etc. Easily found by searching for PI swap kit on ebay, He sells them for a little over 1k around 1200 with shipping. Not bad at all and obviously would be idealistic if you are doing the work yourself.
  5. It all does depend on what you can find used. I got my heads barely used off eBay for 350, intake less than 100, head bolts and gasket kit 110, misc other gaskets bolts tubes an brackets about 200? So probably around 700 not counting the coolant and oil change required. This assumes you can do the work yourself and it all really fluctuates on how good of a steal you can find. Typically buying things outside of kits is cheaper but more work.