How to make the V6 LOUDER??????

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  1. I forgot I did order a SCT2 to reprogram, Lets face it that throttle and tranny need work,:rlaugh:
  2. i got mine through the Overseas Military car sales program but can someone enlighten me on what the MSRP was on a GT premium?
  3. Hello 6ers, you have all put in some excellent responses. You didnt flame the fellow and, I was impressed. You guys are class acts! Some of you remember I was going to get a pony package 6(i think the front end looks better than the GT). I did order an 06 GT (and should be here in a couple of weeks!). But Steeda it was not all about displacement. My 99 Z28 Mt, would smoke my 06 GT(best et 13.15 STOCK, the Z that is).And even modded my car some and dipped down to 12.45. And guess what... My car would get beat sometimes. Still loved and will love my new GT at least that much. So enjoy your new GT! I'm not afraid to get smoked by Rygen or scrming, they are first class guys with first class rides! Watch out fellas, I may accidentally place a purple bottle in my trunk. Just for looks:rlaugh: or is it.:flag: Keep up the good work fellas! :SNSign:
  4. Thank you!

    Make sure you post some pics of the new GT!!!

    hmmm... purple bottle..... WARNING!!! I thought the same thing... I'll just put the Zex in for show! (i do a lot of car shows)... Well, of course I had to try it out at the track... I thought... ok just once.... The stuff is more addictive than crack!!! Now look at me.. I've got 2 bottles!!
  5. Your welcome! I can see the local headlines now... Local fire captain labeled as an addict on N2O. He was quoted later whispering over and over, the bottle is purple hehe, the bottle is purple hehe. Now for the local weather. LOL :nice:
  6. LOL! Luckily Purple is my wife's favorite color! :D
  7. $25,705 base price of a gt premium in 2005, not sure if the price changed for 06 or not.
  8. Holy carp! You're car is N I C E! As for GT at's, they're more like 250 rwhp stock.

    Man, I like what some of you 6 guys throw the money you saved on. I think yours is one of the nicest cars I've seen - v6 or GT.:hail2:

    And (back on topic), I did both the headers and the mid pipe. Headers are more expensive (item and install both). Made no appreciable difference to the sound. The Xpipe (hiflo cats) made a very noticeable difference. Now, I can't say whether the xpipe merely woke up my Magnaflow mufflers, or if you'll get the same benefits on a v6 as I did on the v8, but I'd try that route first.
  9. Yep, Scrming has one beautiful car. He was an early pioneer and leader for us 6 bangers. He tested, dyno'd, tune and provided track times on his mods. We owe him a lot. :nice:
  10. awwww.... shucks.... you guys are going to make me blush! LOL!

    But seriously... Thanks for the compliments guys....
  11. Got to give credit where it's due. It's easy to get tacky/cheesy when customising, but from the pics, it looks like you've gone with a flat black trim to accentuate (no, I'm not gay!) the strong colour of the car. Very tasteful. Great job.:nice: