How to modify for Road Racing

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  1. No, whatever you do don't get them! Especially if you have a Tungsten Grey GT



    Just kidding, they are amazing wheels. I just don't want anyone else to get them. It ruins the combo if it becomes overly hackneyed. Like what happened to the Konig Beyond's. Great looking wheel. There's just too many of them running around out there. Or Lamborghini's and HRE's. It's no longer that unique.

    The Omega's are lightweight, inexpensive, deep dish and WIDE. I staggered them with 18x9F and the 18x10R. I'm satisfied with the looks and performance.

    Other lighter-weight yet streetable options I looked at:
    380 - R5 wheel [380 - R5 wheel] - $110.00 : OE Wheels Direct!, Your Source for Custom Wheels

    Toxic Wheel - Official Website


  2. LOL I knew they looked close but wasn't sure cause it was a moving picture. PS no it a redfire.
  3. Do those 18in godspeed wheels clear big brake kits like Stoptech?
  4. Hi, I was wondering what should the tire pressure be for lapping. I have Nitto Invo tires and cold tire pressure is at 35 and after a 20 minutes session it's up to 41. Should it be different? Also I just installed Tokico D-Spec and would like to know what would be a good starting point for adjustment.

  5. The higher the pressure the less the tread touches the ground. At the track I let out about 6 psi as I like it right around 28 cold on my NT555's. The hotter tire spikes the pressure up to 34-36 by the end of the run which falls within the manufacturers spec. Keep in mind that In a 3700lb beast on street rubber the tires heat up mighty fast.

    As with anything related to automobiles there is an inherent trade-off between sidewall rigidity and tread width.

    To me, 41 sounds too high. But my advice is to play with it and see what you like. Make small adjustments after each session. If it feels slushy in the corners add some pressure (which at 41 it most certainly shouldn't), if it has excessive wheelspin off the line and under WOT take some out.
  6. Too good to be true??

    Anyone take a look at this:
    Mustang 05-09 Coupe 8pt Roll bar
    $350 (free shipping)
    View attachment 249074

    Vs. Maximum Motorsports 6pt Roll Bar
    $600 + Shipping

    Vs. Griggs 2pt Roll bar
    $900 + Shipping

    Seems like a no-brainer to me. Am I missing something?
  7. Probably not. Although, if you are missing something then it's probably in the fit department and you won't find out about that until you start the install.
  8. anyone you guys know run the autocross with an auto..???
  9. Sure, lots of people do. The whole autox thing is setup to allow you to run whatever car you have.
  10. I'd think Auto-X with an auto would be just fine especially if you have one of those TCI shifters.