How would my motor run with a single plug N/A head on top, please read

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  1. Even possible ?? 87 TC motor, went and picked up d-port head number three today. Cracked in 3 places. They are now officially piling up. Can I use one from an n/a mustang single plug ?? As they are pretty abundant.... Getting really pissed now, I want to get the move on with my motor, but i've spent over 100 bucks now on cracked heads with burnt valves.... I have nothing but crap now.... I can't find an oval port head ANYWHERE so it's not really an option.... What will definitly work and what will not ?? I'm mostly worried about the compression, and sorta worried about flow. Thanks
  2. bolt it on it will work fine.. crovax uses one on his car i think all he did was reshape the chamber will probably want to change the exhaust valves on it also
  3. I thought we already covered this?
    Whatever, a single plug NA head will work fine with turbo exhaust valves, and by the sound of it, you have plenty of those. :D
  4. Problem though I think, all the exhaust valves from all 3 heads, I now have 12 exhaust valves :nonono: They all look pitted in the seat area, that would lead me to beleive that they are burnt and now useless? Am I wrong ??
  5. Also how will the N/A Head flow ?? Little worried about that as well. Thanks
  6. flow numbers im pretty sure are the same, ive looked at both a tc head and my n/a head, the ports look identical (maybe im blind...wheres my brail keyboard*) Like was already said , the only differnce really is the n/a head has a little ridge in the chamber area that needs to rounded out, though im not sure if leaving it would have ill effect? im kinda interested in that myself..what happens if you leave it?

    as far as the exhuast valves, they are probly still carbon'd up...if u take a wire brush or a softgrinder to them the clean up..just be gentel. It would be a good idea to have a machine shop do a valve job and install the exhuast valves....spend a little money now, save pulling it apart later becuase of black smoke fuming out...and perhaps other "ill" effects.
  7. Im in a similar situation as you are, Ive been checkin the want ads on turboford, but anything that looked appealing to me you had already called dibs on... So what I have decided to do is pull my 86 TC head back off my rebuilt swap and put on my 89 NA head (with the turbo valves of course.) Ill do this until i have the money to get my turbo head worked over, maybe bigger valves, porting, ect. mainly so that I do not throw all this money at my head if i have worse problems, and becasue its christmas time and i havent got all that much spare cash right now, and also its goin on 2 years with this friggin project and if it doesnt run soon im gonna go crazy.

    if we ever get any decent weather here (when Im off) and i get a chance to switch the heads and get it going Ill let you know how it goes... im not even gonna mess with the chambers at all for now, since Ill be putting the turbo head back on there in a couple months...

    but like was mentioned, talk to crovax, see what exactly he did... i was told, or read on turboford, that using the head without changing the chamber area will make the compression slightly higher (8.3:1 i think was what i read.)

    and also someone in the want ads was selling machined rebuilt heads for like 300 bucks, awesome deal.

  8. Burnt valves are easily to spot they usually have a little crack or a V out near the rim but Harded seats are the most important thing to add other wise you'll crack the head. that how i received my svo short block (it was in a VW bus but thats another story) the previous onwer had slapped a N/A head on no harded valves or seats then cracked the head AND as bonus burnt a nice hole in the #4 piston
  9. Interesting, i didnt know there was a difference in seats between the n/a and turbo. So your saying the turbo setup has hardend seats where as the n/a has...? This is good stuff to know, ill be it, if its true. :)
  10. and as an added bonus, hardened seats are prone to falling out and also ending your engine's life prematurely. Lovely, ain't it. :(