How would you like under your hood?

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  1. That is why I picked my GF. HMMMMMMM
  2. i have 2 cats and a dog... both cats are tabbys and the dog is a shar-pei (wrinkly dog)
  3. German Shepherd and Calico Cat.

    Calico treads very lightly around the German Shepherd.
  4. My ex has a Sharpei my lil man likes to UMMMMMM "play" with her.
  5. :D
  6. thanks... and you were talking about that kinda playin... duh!!! i was talking about the other kinda playin... you know.. the kind where it becomes bloody.. but i don't condone dog fighting!!!! i just have seen that he doesn't like other dogs and it tends to get quite messy before i can interupt it!!! needless to say he is solitary for now on!
    good lookin pup you got there, just don't have him docked!!! or clip his ears they are much better lookin with both IMO!
  7. LOL In my state Cropping of the tail and ears is cruality only Ky and Cali feel this way for now but I see it becoming a law in the future.

    Thanks, He is a great pup, He goes to his next training classes soon. He is the type that when you see him he looks as if you are about to draw your last breath but all of a sudden he is trying to lick you to death. BUT and there always is one touch a kid and see a different side of this little one.

  8. My landladie's Pit Bull mix is a sissy, and is a loud yet wimpy dog, his father though, who was full-blooded was a killer.
  9. I met the parents of my pup they are marshmallows, but the Mother was protective of the lil ones and had to be seperated so we could pick up my Bruno.
  10. [​IMG]

    My Boy, he is a little shy.

    6 months and 50 pounds.
  11. that snake looks gross:puke:
  12. My baby likes cats also , he chases Max daily around the yard. BTW he sleeps with Jess so he wont bother you too much Amanda when you all come by.