I am about to p!$ off a bunch of you

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  1. :mad: I tell you what I am writng some serious hate mail. How are you going to make a production mustang:bs: that nobody can buy. I went to Ford and they told me that they dont know how many they are getting, they are all reserved they are going to the highest bidder and they have a flippin premium that makes the M5 blush..You know what that a bunch of [email protected] :nonono: You know its understandable if you make a GT40 that the average person cant afford but not a mustang after all its. Sure Carroll Shelby is my hero but its rediculous that Ford is raping his name. Yes you heard me right that all they are doing.:mad:

    You know what I can probably afford the dam thing I have connection to buy one without the premium through a freind but I am boycotting that car just cuz of the principle of it.....:flag:

    enough of that I cant wait to smoke one..:nice: maybe not since nobody is going to drive a 70,000 dollar Mustang:bs:
  2. >>> :lol: Yes, Ford is making some serious mistakes about production and marketing of the Shelby GT500

    its NOT!! :eek: yah better look again,

    Sorry dude, but you are badly misinformed. Carol Shelby and his crew are parctically running the whole show here. You need to do some reading before you spew that crap - Carol Shelby has had a veto over nearly the either program up till now. This car is his baby and the major casualty here has been the SVT Team (which was the best thing that ever happened to FoMoCo imo) :nice:
    But now Ford has gutted SVT in favor of Mr. Shelby here.

    That might have been worthwhile if we'd landed a car that was produced in the numbers needed to keep the car on the Dealer's lots and keep the price down,. Alas, we are now stuck with a low production Collectors Car and the real Ford enthusiasts who are gets screwed here. :bang: again!

    you and 50,000 other guys brother!
  3. I know that Shelby has his hands in this whole project but, FORD know what they are doing by pricing this out of the hands of normal people.

    My brother in law is beating me up becuase I refuse to buy it yeah maybe its my loss but the mustangs even the GT350 and 500 were affordable in their time and people could actually buy them even rent them...
  4. Dude, we dont even know what the pricing is yet!

    But I do agree that it will be too much (at least for the 1st 6 - 10 months).

    But its the Dealers and not Ford who are driving this auction mentality here.
    And its the low production numbers that are allowing them to do it.

    That's where Ford needs to step in and insist on a reasonable approach here. But Ford either doesn't have the stones to stand up to their dealers, or they are throwing them a bone to shut them up (or maybe its both!).

    Regardless, if the numbers were there, the public would have their Shelby GT500's at near sticker price come June - but they aren't going to make enough to satisfy the demand / so the Market Place will set the price ...

    and so the rest is history . . . . . . . .
  5. Ford is not charging premium prices. The dealers are. And it is whatever people will buy them for. If people are willing to pay $10k even $25k more than MSRP. Dealers will sell them for that. If someone offered you $10k more than you paid for your car. You know you'd take it. That's all the dealers are doing. I'm not sure if it is possible for Ford to tell the dealers what price to sell the car at. That's why it is only a "suggested retail price".
  6. Yobi1Kanobi---Please don't post anything about DEALERS AUCTIONING these SHELBYS!!!! The guys that sharpen pencils and answer phones at FORD will tell YOU that YOU are WRONG....I KNOW IT'S TRUE!!!! But it's hard for MOST to SWALLOW!!!!!!:chair: :flame: That FEELS good!!!!!
  7. :lol: This is all too funny to even care about.
  8. you guys need to wake up and smell the coffee... dealerships are just doing this because they want to hype up the car

    after a week, they are going to have many GT500's to sell on the lots and they will sell for under 50k...

    sales people do this all the time, have you guys ever bought a car before? lol

    theyre just hyping up the car and making you think you cant have one unless you pay and commit to pay premium early on, oldest trick in the book- dont fall for it
  9. Its the DEALERS!!:notnice: NOT FORD!:flag:

    Ford has announced that 10,000/year will be produced for 2 years.
    The dealers will only be able to get a premium for a few months..

    Its NOT a limited edition vehicle.. The Dealers are filling you with a Bunch OF total BS. Dont listen to them!

    If you want one for less than MSRP, just wait until the second model year.:nice:
  10. When I first started looking at the new stangs in dealerships I had one salesman who tried to tell me the new V6 had 45 more horsepower than the previous generation GT. I just played along and he told me a lot more bull. Moral of the story is don't trust half of what these sales guys say. I trust my dealer cause he's telling me exactly what Ford is telling him. "No new information at this time" He's not taking any money. And the word "auction" hasn't been uttered once.
  11. Just to recap. The stealerships are the ones that are playing the market on the cobras. When the EVO came out they were going for way more than MSRP and that was because people were willing to pay for it. Capitolism at its finest... mitsubishi didn't make any more because of it.
  12. LOL. Here we go again.

    A 500 HP stang is not a life or death purchase. I'd like a half million dollar Ferrari or even a nice new Z06 but the dealer won't sell me one for what I can scrounge up. All these people getting this riled up over this is silly. This is capitalism at work, the system on which our economy is based, warts and all (and there are plenty of warts). Dealers can charge what they want.

    Now if this was something life or death like food, water or healthcare, I'd be pissed. But it's not.
  13. Most all of us know that. It just seems every once and a whlie. Someone has to blame Ford for the dealerships behavior.
  14. Now that's a ****ing good dealer! :nice:
  15. Couldn't someone just but a 05-06 V-6 for 16,000-17000 bucks...spend about $30,000 on a 5.4 ltr (overhauled for performance) engine transplant from a wrecked F-150 Triton, a supercharger installed, body kits added, suspension mods...and have a Stang even badder than the New Shelby? Wouldn't that be possible though? That would be cheaper and more attainable than the new Shelby GT-500.

  16. Of course its possible!!! But it wouldnt be a genuine Shelby GT500!!! Its funny because my dealer over here tried to sell a 2005 GT FOR 300,000 DOLLARS!!! Its still sitting there, I think for almost 2 years now. They finally lowered the price to about 192,000 dollars. I had to pay a 5000 dollar markup on my 06, but it was the only black on black that wasnt a V6.
  17. I suppose you could do that. But if something goes wrong. How much are the repairs. Since you would clearly have voided your warrantee. So if your motor goes pop. Well Ford certainly isn't going to be a lot of help to you. You also don't have the same collectibility and resale value. And it all depends on your state as to if the modifying was legal or not.

    Actually let's put it to math
    V6 mustang $17,000
    5.4 engine $3000
    Computer to run engine $1000
    SuperCharger $3000 or so
    Forged internals $2000
    Labor at least $1000
    Body kit $2000
    Hood $500
    Paint for all $1000 unless you go Maaco
    Suspension $2000 I believe the V6 has a less built rearend.
    Labor for suspension $1000 at least
    So far it's $33000. And that is assuming you got the V6 cheap (usually they are $20k+). And that all numbers are correct. I've seen some S/c's for over $4k. We also are not counting any machining need to the motor. And that the rebuild will only be about 12 hours. Since average shop rate seems to be about $80 an hour. And Paint really depends on what color. And that is only the solid color. There is a shop here in washington that charges $4500 for just painted on stripes.
  18. I spoke to SVT and another Ford Rep today. There are only 7500 GT500's going to made this year. 1 per dealer only. Start taking orders in March. I walked into a local dealer today and put up $1000 to buy the only one in town. It's possible but you need to go to a smaller town. All Ford Dealers can order it. not just SVT dealers. There is still hope guys.
  19. i spoke to a salesman at a dealership in florida and he said that they are looking at a 30,000 to 40,000 markup from msrp. thats total bs! i had money set aside to try and finance one but to hell with financing a 80,000 dollar mustang. its gonna be sweet and all but i could by a small house for that price. if i'm gonna spend that much on a car i'll buy a porche or a amg55 mercedes and wont have to fight with dealerships and other buyers to try obtain one of these cars. its great that they are remaking this classic beauty but they need to make it a little more affordable and obtainable for at least the middle class folks like most of us here.
  20. Of course he said that. He is just another person hoping to find the dumb rich guy. Just like everyone else has pointed out. Wait for a while. If he still has that car on the lot. Then he'll be a lot more reasonable.