I got a little bored....

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by fazm83, May 29, 2005.

  1. so dark out! don't hurt your rear right tire doing that!
  2. How can i not hurt it? :) when they are gone, it will just be an excuse for me to get my 18's
  3. haha, so.true!
  4. I'm going to be man enough to admit I have a problem. I'm having trouble doing a burn out such as you did in the video. I have a 5-speed also and I'm having trouble holding down the brake and working the clutch and gas. Do you use the E-brake or is there some trick I'm missing?
    Please help
  5. E-brake is only your rear, and i know you would have to yank extremly hard for it even to have an effect while the car is moving at 50mph (becuase your stopping the entire drivetrain unlike front wheel drive cars). I'm not sure how he does it good either without 3 feet, put in theory, you would have to dump the clutch, floor it full throttle, and slam on the brakes to keep it from moving forward.
  6. skillz :)
    in that video i only dumped it at like 2500rpm actually. When i dumped it at 4000rpm smoke started instantly coming through my window and it wasnt fun.

    All you have to do is rev it, drop the clutch and press the gas and brake as hard as you can on both.

    The other way to do it, is use your right foot and press on both the gas and the brake, and then drop the clutch, that way you car doesnt move at all.
    If you want to come out to arizona ill teach you all :) hah
  7. Never been to Arizona, but I have been to Elephant Butte lake in New Mexico once:) Nice Place!!!
    Anyways I figured out a way tonight to do it. I just press the brake as hard as I can with my right heel and use the tip of my right foot to press the gas, it takes a little work to get it right, but works well in the end. I guess thats pretty much the second way you explaned it? I'll try your first way out tomorrow...... :banana: :banana:
  8. Ya thats the second way, you cant really do it the first way (and not move much) unless you get really fast at it. I use to have an 83 glx 5.0 so i got good at it lol