i have some dyno proof on k&n filters, ya know ya wanna see it!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by stangman, Feb 9, 2004.

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  1. yup it will be :nice: I promise. i wasn't thinking straight when i posted this one & everything went wrong cause i wasn't paying attention to exactly what i was saying. i'm normally a detailed peron & this was crap. so i will make up for it the next time around, with two write ups to redeem myself :D one on the filter :rolleyes: & the other with the exhaust :nice:
  2. so what would happen if you stuck a real air intake on there? -25 HP? :)

    I've heard people say that a K&N is better then a CAI is there any truth to this? I mean there has to be something wrong with this guys car...
  3. LT's :drool:
  4. Did you remove the plastic "saran wrap" from the filter after removing it from the box?:p

    My last K&N filter (for a motorcycle) was wrapped in clear plastic...

    The damn thing wouldn't run until I pulled the plastic off!!

  5. Hey this just in!

    In response to todays shocking news concerning the K&N Air Filter's performance value, we at Frigemall Industries have done a little R&D in contravertial areas ourselves. Our discovery will, much same as this K&N Scandal, shake the automotive world at its foundations.

    We made our baseline run in a stock '04 Mustang GT, recieving these numbers:
    Here is our breakthrough discovery. After completely purging the engine of ALL oil we made these incredible new numbers:
    INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Why do this you might ask? Here are some obvious, and interesting reasons:
    1: No more oil leaks (Which have been directly linked to blown engines)
    2: No more loss of oil pressure problems (which also destroy engines)
    3: No more pesky oil changes (Think of the money saved!!!)

    For just $59.95 we will send you the entire kit which includes a complimentary oil pressure light override unit.
    Order now at 555-2004 or email us at [email protected]

  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: i want one!!!!

    think i'll get more power out of it since i'm running synthetic? :hail2: :hail2:
  7. No way bullittmcqueen. Give us a call and we'll set you up with our ground breaking technology, free of charge since your our first customer. And with every 3rd kit you buy we'll send free Dyno results.
  8. dyno's over the fone
  9. i thought Spishak Industries came out with that kit first :shrug:
  10. Looks like we have more than one math challenged individual in here.

    The formula to find fwhp from rwhp is:

    RWHP/(1-drivetrain loss%)=FWHP

    200/.70=285.72 fwhp (not the 260 you mention above)

    If you don't think that's correct, do the math backwards.

    285.72 - 30% = 200 fwhp

    By the way...I call BS on the 30% drivetrain loss, and and even bigger BS on the 296 rwhp. :bs:
  11. damn, if you had a spiralmax , you would have over 300 hp...... :rlaugh:

  12. he DOESNT have 296 at the flywheel so you cant use that number, he only wishes he had that.
  13. it wasnt 296rwhp jackass! he tried saying he had that at the flywheel, which is still :bs: The 30% does come out right if your talking a mustang dyno and you use the rwhp from that. like i said, take 30% of his 200rwhp and where do you end up? right where its suppose to for a stock mustang. If you honestly think your math is right and he has 285.72 at the crank then you have as many issues as he does for stating he has 296 at the flywheel.
  14. This thread has outlived it's uselessness.
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