I JUST WON $20,000

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  1. Yea first thing, pay it off, supercharge it, put the rest away to save. Or guy buy a hooker.
  2. btw, i have a KB for sale for a 3V in the classifieds section.. hint hint, wink wink
  3. damn 20k...very nice! My cousin hit 10k in one of those scratchy games and had his money in like 2 weeks...tell them you want it now! Tell them when you bought the ticket they wanted the cash imediately and you want your money now!
  4. which type of scratchers do you guys have the most luck in??
  5. i've wasted about $20000 on scratch off since i turn 18 i think....
  6. i think your my brother from a nother mother. can i get a loan for a KB?
  7. Congrads on the winnings! Treat yourself to something nice and invest the rest!
  8. you could get run over by a truck tomorrow...save 5 grand and have fun with the rest. damn it was free money. if you save 5 grand your doin good.:D

    so many people saving every penny, then they die with a huge bank account never got to spend a dime.

    pay off the stuff you need to and get yourself out of debt then spen a little.
  9. I won't believe this until I see the pic of the ticket with some sort of proof it is in fact mustangkid.

    Or maybe I'm just too jealous to believe it?
  10. he still hasnt told us what scratch off it was..
  11. lol ppl believe me or not, it was a 5$ ticket one of the ones where you have to match 3 things and you win the prize under it.....i got the 3 things and under it it said
    $20000 like that i thaught it ment 20.00 lol until i called up the lottery co
  12. +1

    If he did win ... I B jealous. I won $100 once and $75 one time ... 20K is surrius!
  13. Pay off some debt, buy something for the pony and have a BIG ****in backyard party with grilled steaks and great music!
  14. No one is going to believe you until you post a pic of the ticket. LOL
  15. fixed it for ya :rlaugh:
  16. GO ON AN EXOTIC VACATION WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER!!! and take your parents out to a really nice dinner; then invest the rest.
  17. I don't know how much you make in a year but I'd be real careful and not spend all of the money. 14% would do it if you only make $20k a year but that's not the whole story. The 20k will be added to what you make in 2006 and you'll pay taxes on that amount. You will be in a high income tax bracket than 14% total more than likely.
  18. Put the money into an ING savings account. I've only had I've had $500 in the account for less than a month and already have earned $1 in interest, which is a LOT for a savings account. Putting all that in an ING account could get you close to $500 a year in interest alone. Keep adding money to that and in 2 years time you'll be living the high life. Or put it in a 12 month CD @ 5.2% APY and earn almost a grand in interest.