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  1. Maybe we should give our production date when we say that there is an issue with our cars, like the gear whine with the stock gears? or like the lifter tick? or the flywheel bolts backing out?
    Maybe this will help one of us get their car straight and help point Ford in the right direction on saying like a TSB or recall for vin# to vin#
    Mine for example is a older 2011 and from what I heard is these were some of the problem children that they changed up some items in the later 2011s and 2012.
    Notice I said the production date not our full vin#. With the ford people on this site it might work who knows?
    What you all say?
  2. I don't think you'll be able to isolate anything to production dates. You're dealing with mass production, hundreds of parts being made everyday no matter what you do there will always be defective parts or somebody on the assembly line with a cold, or in a bad mood etc...
  3. Could be but I have a feeling we might be surprised as to what the poll might show.