If the V6 is so great...

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  1. ...why doesn't the Ford GT use a V6? They have a 5.4L supercharged in there. Why would they do that since it would be alot heavier than a Mustang V6 engine with mods? :shrug: I mean if they used the V6 wouldn't it be lighter, brake better, handle better, and be faster? Or even better yet, why wouldn't they use the even smaller and more powerful 2.3L 4 cylinder? I mean Pro-Hawk knows a guy with the 2.3L that has 735rwhp out of that engine so that would walk laps around the Ford GT with its big slow V8 that only puts out 500rwhp. What's the deal guys?? :shrug:
  2. Who said the V6 was that great? Oh wait..you're just the dumbass that likes to start crap.

    Yeah, those are the reasons why I'm not buying a V8 Mustang for my next car. I'm afraid I might catch that assh*le gene all you other morons have.
  3. well if they used a V6 in the new GT, it would also auto-cross better.

  4. I hate pointless threads :(
  6. <-being nice
  7. Wow, so one person said that. Good for him, does he represent everyone here? No he doesnt. Just like I hope you dont represent everyone that owns a Cobra.
  9. Well most all of you say that you can make a V6 faster for cheaper than a V8 so explain to me WHY Ford did not use a V6 in their super car... I don't hate V6 Mustangs, hell if it wasn't for them my Cobra wouldn't have been made.
  10. Am I mistaking an honest question for all-out smart assed sarcasm??? If so, I apologize, but it is b/c of the rash of V6 vs. V8 type threads that have sprung up out of nowhere lately. But, I'd say its because all the die hard V8 fans that are die hard V6 haters would probably shun ford forever for "ruining" that type of project with a V6. When a V6 graced the cover of MM&FF a while back, readers wrote in the next issue that they almost cancelled their subscriptions right then for putting a V6 on the cover. Give me a break... it sounds to me like those [email protected] just need to rinse the sand out of their cooters.

    However, if you are being a dick then...
  11. see your other thread for smart ass response.
  12. Uh, no we dont. Only uneducated people that come here and post 2 times say that.
  13. :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: ohhhh that feels better after reading this thread!

    he should go to mustangworld, lol
  14. GREENBIOCH said you can take a bone stock V6 and put a TT kit on it and run [email protected] Is he uneducated?
  15. I think there was a dude named Justin on v6power.net that custom fabbed a TT setup for his 99 v6. he does run 11's. However, I tihnik hes runnin alot more than just the TT kit.
  16. maybe i am missing something but isn't it a 4.6L? and last i checked the GT isn't supercharged.. hey maybe ur such a smart ass that you have changed ford motor companys production line
  17. I don't think hes talking about the GT mustang.
  18. the cobra is still a 4.6 isn't it though
  19. the GT has a 5.4L engine. NOT THE GT MUSTANG. duh. :rolleyes:
  20. right ok my bad.... don't i feel like an ass.. nope not compared to him
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