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  1. Waste money? No! Spend it responsibly yes! It is very difficult to know the real story on a used blower. The tolerances are so critical and bearings the same. How are you inspecting these exactly? I've been over this time and time again. I think the advice that you give to pickupsome used blower for 1000$ is potentially wasting someone's hard earned money.
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  2. and i think you are lazy and dont want to inspect used equipment that is in reality still good. you can feel when bearings in a blower are shot, and you can see where the lobes on a rootes type blower are contacting each other or not. and you can usually spot a cracked case, especially when you know where the highest loads on the case are. and a turbine or compressor wheel that is beat up is obvious. so yes, with some inspection you can buy used equipment and use it to build a motor.

    and by the way, i would NEVER advocate buying used part and running it with out inspecting it first, unless you were planning on rebuilding it before you used it, and then you need to get a good deal on it.

    so do you only buy new cars as well?
  3. I think he should keep his car the way it is and spread the wealth among his stangnet brothers :D
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  5. I think it depends on what's done to the car and what you plan on doing with the car are. is it a daily driver or weekend toy? dedicated track car or show vehical? jack of all trades but master of none?
    if it were my car and was 100% stock I would:
    1) piece a five lug swap together with wheels and tires for $2500 (which I pieced mine together for less)
    2) UPR pro street adjustable upper and lower control arms, torque boxes, full length subframe connectors, 10 way strange struts and chrome moly k member kit w/ sway bar. ($1325)
    3) Trickflow top end kit ($2800)
    4) rebuilt block with upgrades ($1500)
    5) throttle body, injectors, pump, full exhaust and intake ($1250)
    6) gaskets, water pump, belt, beer, pizza ($500)

    That's $9875
  6. I'm far from lazy but I sure am glad you are the expert here. I think everyone here knows my opinion on used blowers and the extreme care that needs to be taken when buying one. Past that our conversation here doesn't lend anything positive to the OP.
  7. You could save even more than that if you buy a used pizza.
  8. Now that is a deal I'll never refuse...
  9. yeah pre digested is the way to go its also easier on the stomach along with the wallet.
  10. hey, what ever works best for you.:D:D

    all i am saying is, dont pass up used parts until you have inspected them. if they pass inspection, then they are good to go, if not, then you have an idea of what needs to be done to repair or rebuild those parts, and whether or not its worth buying. for instance if you buy a used supercharger kit for say $1000, and put another $500 into rebuilding the supercharger, and various sundry parts, you have saved about $700 or so over a new kit.