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  1. Well,
    Good and bad depending on how you look at it.The bad is that my car is sold and is being trailered away next weekend.The good is that I got a great price for it which I set kinda high to keep buyers at bay but to show the wife that I was making an attempt to reduce the number of ponies in the stable so...I get to stand in the driveway and watch my baby get taken away...sucks. :(

  2. Not enough money, so no Cobra this summer. On the plus side, it's engine should be done and it will probably be painted over the summer.
  3. Well: I might have mine goin this summer, but not too often. I have a ton of lil bugs that need worked out, and each one costs. :( plus, theres no carpet, headliner, and the windshield is trashed.

    But hopefully I can at least drive her into town from my parents place. (5 IIs in their yard, and theyre gettin a lil pissed (and I want another :D ))

    With the cooling issue, Im the same as Eos, but worse. Im ok as long as Im over 40mph, but under that speed, she really heats up quick. But the stock 302 radiator is a little lite for a hopped up 351. :shrug:
  4. Engine Overheating...

    I guess I have not seen the overheating issues that you guys have... I just dropped my new engine in and I had my idling in my garage for over an hour and it never topped 190 degrees?

    I have a flexfan without a shroud? I wonder if it has to do with sediment buildup in the engine or Radiator?

    Good and bad news on my MII front... Seems the bolt/pin that holds the reverse fork in the tranny broke and that is why Reverse did not work and why it would not go into 2nd. I got that fixed and the tranny back in and works great! Now the bad news... I think I went way to wild with the CAM! This thing is a bear to get to idle at all... It lopes so bad that right now I have idle at about 1250. I am no expert at timing or air/fuel ratio but I think they are close! Any suggestions?

    On a side note, I took it for another test ride and she ran a lot better with the new Tranny, just about every time I even pushed on the gas a little the tires were chirping (4 speed). This thing is producing tons of torque... I can't wait to dyno it!

  5. I found a very cool (pun unintentional) fan; it's a plastic jobbie with a heat-activated coil that engages and disengages the fan clutch depending on engine temp. Fits my II with 1/4" of room before it hits the radiator. Pulled it off a 5.0L from a 1987 T-bird. So far, no overheating problems.
  6. we must go cruise somewhere this month, before I leave. maybe some other local guys will come too
  7. unfortunately when you fix one problem on an old car two others rise from the ashes. I replumbed my fuel system recently and now my electric pump starts to leak when its pressurized. not a big deal, just need to rebuild it. one phone call to Summit Racing ought to take care of that.
    second thing is the worst, I was racing a 2002 vette last week and when I down shifted to 3rd gear, planting my foot I saw balls of fire burst out of my exhaust ( right in front of the tire), and then it started to backfire really badly. embarrassing.
    maybe I burnt some valves according to my vacuum gauge. melted my engine analyzer inductive pickup on #4 plug wire from radiant heat off the headers while checking for a bad plug wire. went to crank her over and she ran fine, but still backfires with the slightest of the 4 barrel opening up under load. gag her at idle and smooth running. hope idon't have to pull the heads.

    p.s. still kept up with that vette to 130 when he pulled over. I had to run on the 2 barrel. pisses me off about that.
  8. Vettes are high in protein, they're good to eat.
  9. really hard to shift into gears after driving about 20 or 30 miles. I almost think my headers are heating up my cable or something.:shrug:
  10. $#!%%&ing Holleys. Smelling gas on my way home from work today; when the traffic snarled up I could see raw gas dripping out one of the horizontal feeder tubes on the side, little droplets gleaming in the sun. The freakin' O-ring I need is about the size of this:


    But that's all it takes to bring a ton and a half of fire-breathing Detroit iron to a halt.

    I'm starting to REEEEEAAAALLLLY dislike Holleys. . ..
  11. I was a Holley man. You know they make 500 CFM Edelbrocks now P/N 1404 X 2 :D Trust me you will not regret it. You can use your years of Holley fixin' skills as I do. Help out the poor S.O.B at cruise night with his Holley, then jump in your Edelbrock carbed II and drive home. No gas on my driveway either (anymore).