I'm embarrassed

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  1. 2010 Ford Taurus SHO Officially Unleashed with 365 Horsepower. A 3.5 L V-6
    That could smoke the mustang GT. Thats not as bad as a Camaro V-6 beating the Mustang GT , but it's close. WTF. A 4 door POS V6 beating the Mustang GT?
    I Think I will puke.
  2. If the Mustang community is educated on what that car is capable of then there shouldn't be any embarrassment.

    If you have the mods to make that kind of power, put it in it's place. If not, move along.

    I have to say that is pretty impressive for a six cylinder though. I hope it looks better than previous models of the Taurus. :rolleyes:
  3. Forst off it's not a P.O.S. it a twing turbo v6 ecoboost. 2nd it's not going to beat a mustang gt it weighs 4,000 lbs. 3rd a V6 camaro may beat your mustang but being all the stock mustangs i;ve seen run 13.7-13.8 mine included and a v6 camaro runs 14.3 I'll say what have you been watching.
  4. Taurus SHO:
    0-60 in 5.8s
    1/4 mile in 14.2 @ 99.1
    Slalom at 62.9mph

    YouTube - SHO-time? Ford Taurus SHO vs. 2009 Infiniti G37 @ the Track

    Mustang Bullitt (okay, I could not find the video for the stock GT, but you have to assume very similar numbers)

    0-60 in 5.2s
    1/4 mile in 13.8 @ 102.1
    Slalom at 67.2

    YouTube - 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt @ the Track

    Boom! Older mustang still wins. Its all about torque to weight ratio. Though granted, the SHO is nipping at our heels. Just wait to upgrade to a 2012 stang, or... get a supercharger, or.. be happy with what you got, cause its still uber cool.
  5. Tommy?
    I'm not sure what Forst is, And any car that has 4 doors is, IMO, a POS.
    You can say the mustang would win, but IMO, 365 hp Beats 305 hp just about every time. The rest of your post is incoherent gibberish, maybe grammar check would help.

    If your going to "Mod" then you must Mod both cars the same, and in doing so the mustang would lose. I presume we are talking about a Stock GT and a stock Taurus, and I would still be embarrassed. And Move along? Hua?
  6. Just because a car has more hp doesn't make it better. Fact is the sho is still slower than the mustang. Just be glad ford finally stepped up in power in the sedan market.
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  7. No need to worry about the SHO having more power. There are trucks with more power than our Mustangs and you don't seem worried about them. It all comes down to power and weight.
  8. If that's the case then I'm misunderstanding your post. You're actually talking about being embarrassed by being beat by a car that you knew could beat you in the first place.

    I was under the impression you were talking about being beat and embarrassed on a street setting, which is where my "move along" comment came from. The Taurus may or may not have what it takes to beat an S197. Judging by previous comments and numbers presented it seems it doesn't. But if it can, then you stepping up and getting embarrassed by losing to it would be the same as doing so against a Z06.

  9. the 2-month-ago Road & Driver-Track-Auto-Trend rag has the 2010 Mustang running to 60 in 4.9, the new Camaro SS @4.8 and the new Challenger R/T at 5.2 or something.

    Let's see, Mustang or Taurus ? Ummmmmm, that's a tough decision. Vette or Impala, Sebring or Challenger ? A large percentage of the population will buy a 4 door, front drive, smooth riding, easy driving car. Nothing wrong with that. But that Taurus aint no Mustang. I didn't buy my car cause it's the fastest. I wanted a Mustang.
  10. OK, I've got something to say to this post, as I am the owner of a SHO and a Mustang GT. Granted my SHO is a 1991 and I have been known to call it a POS (only in good fun), for it's era it was a fairly fast car (it will run mid to high 14's @ 98 mph, GTECH times). I guess I really don't understand what is so embarrassing about loosing to a car that has more power than yours? Who cares that Ford has come out with an engine that has more power than the engine in your Mustang. I say Kudos to Ford for doing this! Look at what it is, it's a twin turbo engine! What kind of power would your Mustang make with a twin turbo set-up, heck what about a single turbo? Will this Ford initiative lead to bigger an better things for the Mustang, perhaps?.?. Back in the 1990's, when the SHO's and Mustang GT's would race, it would have been a very close race, and that's with a stock V6 vs. a stock V8. I think some people should just be happy that they have a very nice car, that has great power, great fuel economy, great looks, and stop worrying about what other cars have for power. I can honestly say that if I were to race a new SHO and lost to them, I wouldn't be upset, it's more about the adrenaline rush and having fun!
  11. Attitude unnecessary. :nono:

    ...and a grammar check of your own post wouldn't hurt either smart guy.
  12. Well said sir.
  13. Wow. So you don't think that weight, torque, transmission, and gearing have anything to do with it? What about suspension and traction? To say one car will win just because it has more horsepower is a very ignorant statement.
  14. +1

    With the money I spent on my Mustang I could have gotten a few cars that on paper are much better. But in the end those cars are not Mustangs. How often do you see someone go up and compliment someone on their Mitsubishi? Not very often I would guess. I get compliments on my Mustang just about every time I take it somewhere.

    People get so caught up in HP numbers, 1/4 mile times, 0-60 times, skidpad, and all the computer controlled systems that they forget when you are out cruising none of that stuff matters. The great thing about Mustangs compared to pretty much any car in the world is the ability to make it your own. When you buy a Mustang from Ford you are getting a blank canvas to work with. You can up the power, add to the styling, and almost anything else you can imagine. So I say forget about the numbers enjoy the car for what it is not what it isn't.
  15. Guys next time you pull up to a Mack truck at a stoplight, you should be scared. Depending on the model, they come with anywhere from 325 to 485 horsepower! :eek:

    But seriously, the SHO is actually a pretty sweet ride. IMO, it is a little bit too expensive. If I was going to spend $40k on a car, I'm pretty certain it would not be a Taurus, although they are great looking vehicles.

    And if all 4-door cars are POS's, I guess my uncle is pretty dumb buying his Maserati Quattroporte. And the M5 that he sold for the Maserati. He probably should've bought a Hyundai Tiburon instead since by that logic, it isn't a POS. :shrug:

  16. yep, anything 4 door is a POS.






    this car right here keeps up with mine pretty good compared to other cars i've raced.

    in your opinion 365 horsepower beats 305 everytime? spend some time down at the track. or go to local part stores and just wait for morons to come up and talk to you with their 1200 horsepower cars that can't run anything faster then a 13 flat.

    ever hear of a toyota supra? i've seen a few run the numbers they claim, but many claiming close to 1000 hp, and can't get into the 12s.

    remember, its not the base model taurus that'll be competing with us, its the S.H.O.


    i've also yet to find a new camaro owner that wants to run. even an SS.

    theres so many variables horsepower is my least concern. the car weighs 2 tons.
  17. ok i was at the track friday and there was a v6 camaro running high to mid 15s the 2 passes i saw him run was a 15.6 and a 15.8, and thats in ohio at one of the fastest tracks around, and the guy seemed like a decent driver, in my stock mustang well besides cai and tune i ran 13.7 how is that even close to smoking a mustang? my dads 05 dodge ram hemi has a 56 more hp than me guess i better not try and race him or ill get beat :)

  18. exactly. GM can make a 6 banger that has the hp number people like to see, but it wont perform good as the number makes it out to be.

    horsepower sells cars, torque wins races.
  19. Gearbanger
    Smart guy.
    There wasn't any unnecessary Attitude. If you would read his post maybe you would agree that grammar check would be in order, ( here it is)
    "Forst off it's not a P.O.S. it a twing turbo v6 ecoboost. 2nd it's not going to beat a mustang gt it weighs 4,000 lbs. 3rd a V6 camaro may beat your mustang but being all the stock mustangs i;ve seen run 13.7-13.8 mine included and a v6 camaro runs 14.3 I'll say what have you been watching."
    And just were in my post is it grammaricly incorrect ? Or maybe you are having a unnecessary Attitude.

    Has a 1991 car that runs 14.5 I'm guessing it doesn't have 365 hp.

    Yes. A bunch of 4 door POS with wings, Ha Ha Ha , Probably watch Fast and furious 5 times.

    The cars, Mustang and Taurus, are close to the same weight and size. Just because someone says the Taurus will run 14s don't really mean it will run
    People talking about Trucks and Tractors are just -----. You fill in the blank. And then go race a aircraft carrier, it has a lot of hp.

    "To say one car will win just because it has more horsepower is a very ignorant statement. " So don't say it. I said a 365 hp Taurus would beat a 305 hp mustang and it's not front wheel drive, it's all wheel drive.
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