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  1. Hi Guys i am 13 from florida and i have a genuine intrest in this car, the 1989-93 ford mustang 2.3L sedan......i currently do not have a car(of course because im 13) but i do have some plans for the car when i get it...i have joined this forum to learn more about mustangs and talk with other people with mustangs to get better advice. So far i would like to do this...Get a black mustang or get a faded out mustang and paint it gloss black or matte black, then put Bullit rims on it...around 18-20 inch...also i would like to lower it just a little...Tell me what you think!
  2. No such thing a sedan mustang buddy. Also, don't put anything over 18" on a fox body. It's just not right.
  3. Yeah sorry i was rushing and just said sedan i meant coupe...and i did say 18"-20" rims but i never said how big the tires would be...Oh and beautiful mustang...what color is that?
  4. Welcome!

    And since you asked for opinions, I have to agree with Farrell5.0.
    18 inch wheels are the max you'd want to have on a 79-04.
    I prefer 17's myself.
  5. Any wheel bigger than an 18 just doesn't look right. A couple I can think of have pulled it off somehow but it's still....odd. To each his own i guess. Thank you, it's factory black lol
  6. Hey umm guys...as i said i knew really nothing about cars and Im just around to lean but uhhhhhhhhhhh...what does 79-09 mean? and i thought it was like a pearl blue for a second...
  7. When he said 79-04 he was referring to cars built between 1979 and 2004. I can see how you may think that in the small picture but it's just the sky's reflection.
  8. how do you pm some one on this forum?
  9. Click on their name, takes you to their profile. There's a "send message" button there. I think.

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  10. welcome aboard!