in case u ever wondered what the s/c cobras rwhp stock..

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    i thought u guys might want to know. my buddy's 04 s/c dyno'd at 408rwhp and 411rwtq stock except for catback. that's about 491whp..e ehem :eek: i think FORD has some recalc'ing to do ... like 100 hp worth. :shrug:
  2. Mine same mods 170k at time of dyno 408/410 close go svt
  3. That is not very uncommon to hear about. I have heard of drop in K&N's and a catback putting some at that level.

    Pully, catback, CAI, tune and your looking at almost 500rwhp. One reason I would love to get an 03-04. 5-600hp is not rocket science and the rest of the car is just about fine and can be driven across country. Might want to get some IRS mods but if you dont beat on it, even that should live a good while.
  4. geez, that is sick. how much do those bad boys cost?

    someone please help me remember ... why are we killing ourselves to try to get to 300?
  5. Its the payments on one of those bad riders...18-22k... I always look, but damn they can't be had cheap...and ours are paid for..:D
  6. You call a head swap, cam swap, and intake swap killing yourself? Can you change the oil yourself or do you take it somewhere and have it done? :shrug:

  7. I wish :rlaugh:
  8. You can put an 03' Cobra motor in one of our cars for less money than buying a Cobra. And it would look better. Just my opinion.

  9. I think what his point was, you need a really good HCI setup to hit that number. Then you need to drop $500-$750 on a good tune just to be able to run that combo. All for 300hp which IMO is no where near enough firepower on the streets around here, hell six bangers are doin that. In the land of LSX's and SRT-8's 300hp is nothing. That 03-04 is sounding better and better.
  10. A 03 Cobra costs around $20k.

    My 95 was $5k....that means I have $15k to build a car to make that amount of power.

    I still don't see what you are trying to point out? :shrug: So skip the HCI and throw on a turbo kit and have 500rwhp.
  11. Nice numbers.

    On the other note, I dont mod my car for hp numbers or "respect" from others. I do it because I absolutly love wrenching on a car.
  12. Yeah stopsign32v, but then you end up with a $20k car that's worth 8-9k instead of a 20k car that's worth 20k. Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of doing this sort of thing, but I'm not going to pretend that my methods are better than the guy that goes out and buys an '03 cobra to mod. They are just awesome cars for the money. Already come with the forged bottom end. A few cheap mods and you have a serious street car with a T-56 and all the niceties that go along with having a relatively new car.

  13. I've owned them all or driven them one of the two. From a Fox body to a 99 Cobra to a 03 Cobra to a Mach 1 to a Z06 to a 95 GT. The 5.0 has always been my favorite car and motor. They are SO easy and cheap to work on its not even funny. I can change both head gaskets in a day taking my time or pull the motor out in a day in my driveway. Now if you are planning on selling the car down the road then just keep all the stock parts and put the car back stock. I did this with my first 5.0 and then sold the HCI setup to the guy that bought the car and actually made money. :shrug: Its all in how you do it. I'd personally rather own a Fox body or 95 and take the extra money and put it in mods. If I wanted a car to drive daily then I'd probably pick an 03 Cobra.

  14. Exactly my point.
  15. i already looked at that b4 i built my windsor. :nono: $10k for one easy. and i have yet to see a whole car in good condition go for <21k. i built my motor (alone) for ... $5k iirc and if i changed out the heads to 225 or better and intake, I would be close to 500rwhp all n/a baby!

    i like my exterior look better tho! :nice:

    So my point is, if you want to beat modern day cars like the cobra or lsx AND stay what I call driveable on street ( subject to opinion i know), you gotta go big c.i. and supporting mods or power added. but i will tell you the 5.0 h/c/i na with the 3.90's in it was plenty of juice when i look back. lots of tq, well mannered and fun to drive and most times you win light to light. 0-60 <5 secs GRUNT it's STILL a winner :nice::nice: and who is going to go all out on the hwy!! (i'm talkin dd not a dragger guys). i will tell you all my power goes up in smoke 0-60..well 100 lol.
  16. This was in reference to your post, Stopsign.

    Pokageek, I like the way you think. Even with all of today's tech, when it comes to power and torque with streetable packages, there's still just no replacement for displacement. You've got to love it when you catch a new LSx or Blown modular off guard and when they ask you how much boost, you say all motor!:hail2:
    The look on their face --->:eek: Priceless!

  17. And weigh as much as a tank!

    I seem to remember a figure floating around that for every 100lbs you add it takes ~ 10hp to counter that extra mass. Now I’m sure the scale isn’t linear….but if it’s even close to ringing true, it’s going to take ~330-350rwhp in a foxbody mustang to keep up.

    Remember….foxbody hp > terminator hp.

  18. friend of mine dynoed his when it was BONE stock and it put down 370 at the feet
  19. Well we know hp now how fast really is a stock cobra? And what if they could really hook? my best 12.9 at 114. I read writer evan smith ran 12.4 at 114 . When we goof off we race in 4th gear only at 40mph start it keeps things more fair