Installing vinyl stripes over hood scoop

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  1. Do vinyl stripes tend to lift when installed over a hood scoop? I have an 06 stang and I am planning on having 10 inch Shelby stripes put on over my hood scoop, but have been told that the stripes may lift when put over the curved surface of the scoop where it meets the hood. I have seen plenty of pictures with stripes done this way, so didnt think it would be a problem if the stripes were done correctly. Has anyone out there had problems with them lifting? Also, should I get the scoop installed before or after I get the stripes done? The reason I ask is that I want the stripes installed under AND over the scoop, so I am thinking that they might have to put the stipes on first, then the scoop, then go back and put the striping on over the top of the scoop.
  2. I've considered adding a scoop to my stang as well.

    This is what I intend to do with the hood stripes already installed;

    Mark the hood scoop where the stripes will cover it, and paint the scoop to match the stripes.

    I used a similar technique to match the windshield washer spray nozzles.
    Who wants big black things right in the middle of the stripes?

    However, color matching was easy for my car, as the stripes are white.

    Good luck!!!!
  3. You are going to have to put seperate stripes on the scoop. Even that is a pain in the ass. My suggestion is to buy the vinyl junk in a width that is wider than you need for the scoop, then trim off what you don't need. That will give you room for where the strips will try to change their straight line course because of the scoop's contours. Good luck, I guarantee you will get pissed off. Consider paint and clearcoat.
  4. Yes, I have considered doing the vinyl stripes on the hood and painting the stripes on the scoop to match the vinyl ones on the hood but I thought that even if they match it exactly, you might be able to see the difference just in texture & shine. Maybe doing a Zaino job over the vinyl would help, I don't know. I may just end up doing the scoop only or the stripes only if I can't find a workable solution. I also thought about the washer nozzles you mentioned. I dont know why Ford couldn't paint them to match the cars in the first place!
  5. What I meant was to consider all paint and clearcoat. I had the vinyl stripes on my '05 and after about 4 months I peeled them off and did the paint and clear. It's a much better look and you don't have to worry about bubbles forming under the vinyl. If you can fit it in the budjet, it's well worth the extra money.
  7. Anthony, thanks for replying so quickly. I can definitely fit it into the budget that is not a problem. I just am not sure I will love the look of stripes or not and if I go with the vinyl it won't be as permanent as paint. I figure if I do like the look, I'll get it painted when the vinyl starts looking worn. I need to probably just get the photoshop guys to show me what it would look like, but I still havent gotten any decent pics of my stang yet. I have a white 06 and I want to put the pearl gold 10" shelby stripes with the 1/4 inch pinstripes on both sides. I have been looking thru a LOT of pics on the net, and have yet to see a stang like that. Dont see many white stangs period and when I do they are always with black stripes. I don't care for the black on white look at all.
  8. should have got a black car. that way the squirters, grille, mirrors, etc. all match the color of your car.
  9. The squirters shouldn't bother you, they don't look bad.
  10. The squirters themselves dont look bad but when on top of gold stripes on a white car they would be ugly!
  11. Any special tips on painting the little guys? Gettting white vinyl stripes on my red '06 this week, and have been thinking about those little black bumps sticking up - any special type of paint or anything I need to consider?
    Thanks for any ideas -