It's either Pak or Me.

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Ozsum2, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. No, but it is a good way to get my point across to all users.

  3. Huh? Low blows on my part or Pak's?

  4. How can you blame a guy for getting pissed off about someone making fun of his religion as well as his dead children? :nonono:

    (Low blows on Pak's part 70_nitrous_Eater)

  5. I ain't banning nobody.

    I know it hurts...but there are times when you need to be the bigger man. No matter how hard it is or how much it hurts. I think you need to get your feet back down on the ground. He's only 1 person, and some person you've never met. You need to say to yourself "Fruck Him!" and be done with it.

    Seriously tho.. Pak is playing you like a fiddle. Had you stuck to that attitude from the beginning, this would have been over with long ago. Instead, it keeps getting drug up and it keeps hurting you more and more.

    Say it with me... "Fruck him".

    P.S. I am in no way siding with Pak either. I think you've both been acting poorly.
  6. woah. where have I been lately?

  7. Heck, I'd be madder than hell. I do not blame Oz 1 bit for getting upset. I just don't think he handled the situation in the best way.
  8. Pak brings alot lot of negativity here. I never really cared, it's just a forum on the internet to me. And *******s are always there. You just ignore them.

    I haven't followed the squables between Pak and Oz but if it's as bad as Oz is describing I'm all for the banning of Pak.
  9. That's funny.

    Real damn funny I must say.
  10. I saw this and was very suprised. I have no idea what happened since I just came back to this board from a long time away. but, I would like to drop my $0.02:

    Ozsum can sound like grumpy old man sometimes but he's damn smart. In the past, I have thought he was being a jackass but it turned out he was just being straight with me and giving the facts with no sugar-coating. this is the internet and it's SO hard to know if someone is joking or being sarcastic, so the same words can have different meanings from different people. it takes a long time to get to know someone's quirks on here.

    that said, I can't ever remember problems with Pakrat and would hate to see either of you guys go away, but [without knowing any of the background info] I know that I would be absolutely furious if someone made jokes regarding the loss of a loved one.

    and I feel that if people have differences on a board like this, they should just avoid each other rather than jabbing back and forth, because it serves no purpose [that's what empty parking lots are for].

    anyway, stay or go, but do what you feel is right to you. if you do end up leaving, you will be missed.

  11. No, it was Pak. I have never had an issue with you. :nice:

  12. Fruck him. Sorry. not better. I don't intend to have him lurking around gaining pleasure from my or anyone elses hurt. It is just the way he is and I am sick of it.
  13. ANYONE who laughs at the lose of a loved one is just a mindless jerk and should not be aloud to post crap like Pak did. I dont care if he hates you, its uncalled for.
    Dont leave Oz thats what he wants and dont stoop to his level.
    I say ban him from the forums.

    And my GOD bless you and your family OZ.

  14. I appreciate your opinion. I am dry at times. It's just me. He has said I had it coming to me, (the dead babies), and he said God was punishing me and rightfully so. I'm sorry, God doesn't work that way. He is a kind, loving God and doesn't go out of his way to hurt people. He let's you and I do that. with our sinning.
  15. BTW, I did go back and search the old Pak threads after I originally posted. The way your loss was treated was abhorent.

    That is all.

  16. Thanks Tom. It's hard sometimes. REAL hard. It just doesn't go away. Thanks for your kind words.

  17. OK.. it's up to you.

    You know.. this kinda reminds me of the "kid with a stick poking a dog through a fence" scenario.

    The kid thinks it's fun, but also feals vindicated because the dog is going nuts barking and snarling and trying to get at the kid. Obviously this mean dog needs to be poked. The dog on the other hand keeps getting madder and madder. Obviously this mean kid needs a bite on the ass for poking someone without reason. So who's at fault? The kid? The dog? Both? Neither? Everyone will have a different opinon... what I'm saying is that if the dog would just move a few feet away from the fence, the whole situation could be avoided. Regardless of who's at fault to begin with.
  18. SAVE THE DRAMA FO' YO' MAMA! Seriously guys, we come here to talk cars. We're 99% males, hopefully most of us are mature enough to take any remark made against us with a grain of salt. I don't know what remarks were made(nor do I personally care), it sounds like they were quite disrespectful, but remember, this is the internet. Nearly all of us are strangers and know next to nothing about each other with the exceptions of our mustangs. I think it should stay that way. If you have an issue that needs to be resolved, contact the offending person and work it out like adults and get over it. Stay, leave, whatever. If all you can do is fuss and bicker you might as well leave because others don't want to hear it. Good day.

    Can we talk about cars now?

  19. By all means, Talk cars. But Pak isn't going away without any help. I asked that you put yourself in my shoes, and it's ok if you can't or aren't willing. Pak isn't willing to work it out, and actually enjoys what he is doing. There isn't any other way sadly. I can't or won't take harrassment about my kids dying with a grain of salt. Sorry. I shouldn't have to.
  20. I'll add a little devil's advocate here. Just want to say that I am a Roman Catholic but you do not have to be religious to pray for someone. People pray all the time and it does not mean they are religious. I am sorry about your babies man that must feel horrible. Your family is in my prayers.
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