just bought the saleen 3v supercharger!!

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by royb, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. sweet, i assume using 5psi is safe on these non-forged pistons???
  2. You can actually buy them now? I assumed the release on the web site was just a heads-up of what's to come.

    Wow, awesome man - looks like a very clean kit!!
  3. We need mroe info.. Price, whens it comming in, make sure you get your cam ready =-). I want pics and install instructions and dynos.. and .. whats in the kit.. I think that should cover it..hehe
  4. is that 400rwhp? or at the crank?
  5. Either you have alot of money or alot of balls!! Good luck! I can't wait to hear how your motor holds up with all the additional stress.
  6. Good luck. I'd love to see how the new set up holds up to boost. I was always afraid to run a SC on my 01 GT, due to the fact that it was my everyday driver.
  7. Yes you can get them now. they build them to order in 5 days (so I was told) & five days to ship. I'll keep all posted on if they come though & how the instal goes.
  8. not sure yet, I'm waiting on a call back from the engineer. I'm guessing crank since its only 5lbs of boost. so if it would be rwhp that would be way cool.
  9. I got a little bit of both, my attitude is if breaks I build it with forged internals next time - or should I say when I break it.

    Saleen told me they have 12 cars with the supercharger on now out in public in CA. I bet they got a good package and reliability won't be an issue for a while.
  10. must be since they are selling the cars like that.
  11. Agree. Saleen blowers may not make the most power, but they sure seem to be reliable. I put one on my '01 GT and never had any issues, as far as engine reliability (had to change out the I/C fan controller twice). Conservative setup since they need to warranty their cars.
  12. I forgot to ask - does it fit under the stock hood?
  13. Please post up how the install goes and what the number look like - I love the look of this kit
  14. :shrug:
    :shrug: :lol:
  15. What was the cost and does it include an ECM flash tuner? or at least a downloadable flash for an existing tuner, like a predator?
  16. Sorry to be negative, Roy, but I think you've made a BIG mistake!

    I don't think you'll get what you're looking for out of that blower...

    If you like, I'll come round and take it off yer hands. Save you the cost of shipping it back, or trying to sell it on eBay :jester:

    j/k, man. Envious as hell!
  17. you better swap out your rods and pistons if you plan on keeping the car.