Just discovered 1964 pace car

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  1. I have a 1964 1/2 coupe that I've been working on. In the process of finding out original color and interior I found that the build date was April 22 1964 and that the paint code was "c".

    No C code paint for early 1965 so I did some digging and found that C is pace car white.

    A bit more research and I found that if it was a true 1964 pace car replica that it would have "pace car" written on the radiator support.

    I am shocked! Only 190 1964 Pace car replica coupes were made and I'm pretty sure there is one in my garage.

    Does anyone know what the value of this car is? It is restorable condition and in the process of an amateur restoration.

    How do I contact the pace car registry to confirm my find?
  2. :jaw: That's cool! Is anything original still on the car? If indeed it's one of only 190 made I'd think it's bring some coin if prof restored:nice: :shrug:
  3. The car has been in our family since 1975. It's a pretty original car. Still has the generator and original 260 v8 engine.

    It had been painted light blue and then orange. The original white paint is underneath it all but there is no evidence that it ever had any decals or stripes on it.

    When dealers recieved these cars the decals were not installed. In '64 demand for Mustangs was very high and it was not uncommon for the dealer to leave the decals off and sell the pace cars as a regular coupe.

    This car has been in storage since the early 80's. I have just recently started restoring it.
  4. sounds like a thorough 100 pt inspection is warranted
  5. Nice to hear of another found Pace Car! I own Pace Car 116036, one of two in MCA concours condition. I've never heard that the stripes and decals were not on the cars when they left the factory. There's a photo I've seen of all the Checkered Flag cars together, and each had its stripes and decals installed. Perhaps some of the Green Flag winning cars did not have these installed, but I've always thought they were installed before the dealers retrieved them from the District Sales Office. My car is a Green Flag winner from Charlotte, NC, and the salesman that sold the car 40+ years ago retrieved it from the DSO with the stripes and decals already installed.

    I maintain the only complete Pace Car coupe registry that I feel is complete. What is your car's VIN and warranty plate figures? I'll add it to my list if it isn't in there already!

  6. Here is the information on the Pace car for the registry.

    warranty number 5F07F121138

    body 65A, paint C, Trim, 42, Date 22D, Axel, 1 Trans 6

    DSO 52.

    Would it be possible to get a copy of the registry?
  7. I've added your info to the registry. That's a total of 66 cars in the list. I only keep track of the coupes since verifying a PC convertible is almost impossible.

    Are you sure of the date code of 22D? I seems a little off from the sequence of other cars I have.

    My registry is simply an Excel spreadsheet with each car's warranty plate info. If you provide an email, I'll send you a copy.
  8. Just out of curiosity, what are the dates for most of the pace cars built that you have?
  9. The scheduled build dates for the 66 Pace Car coupes in my registry range from April 13, 1964 to May 1, 1964 (13D to 01E). They seem to be fairly evenly distributed throughout those dates. The VINs range from 5F07F112566 to 5F07F123807.
  10. Looks good to me

    Warranty Number: 5F07F121138
    Year: 5 = 1965 (1964 1/2)

    Plant: F= Dearborn, MI

    Body Series: 07 =2 Door Hardtop

    Engine: F =260 2v V8

    Unit: 121138 = 121138

    Miscellaneous Vehicle Data
    Body: 65A = 2 Door Hardtop, Standard Interior

    Color: C = Pace Car White

    Trim: 42 = White Crinkle Vinyl with Blue Appointments, Standard Interior

    Date: 22D= April 22, 1964

    D.S.O: 52= Des Moines

    Axle: 1= 3.00:1, Conventional

    Trans: 6 = C4 Automatic

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  11. great.... Now once you restore it you'll get to be in a magazine.... :/
  12. sdgrant,
    I may have talked to you before but I'm trying to track down my old DS0 22 Pace Car
    VIN 5f07f112870. Do you have any info on it?

  13. The only info I have on any specific Pace Car is the warranty plate info. I don't maintain any contact or location information.
  14. Thanks, do you want the plate info or do you allready have it.

  15. No thanks, I already have that info in the database.
  16. I have just bought a 64.5 from my dad. 65A-C-42-27D-53-1-6. Do any of you have any information on which cars were "checkered flag" and which ones were "Green Flag"? Thanks.:)
  17. This is a new car in my registry, and it fits with the other DSO 53 cars. Let me know your email address, and I'll send an updated copy of the registry.

    Jim Haskell did research long ago by viewing the individual photos of the Checkered Flag winners receiving the keys from Lee Iacocca in Dearborn at the award ceremony. Jim was able to get the names and dealerships from the name tag each Checkered Flag winning representative wore! I have a printed list at home, and I'll see if I can get it online. Unfortunately, it does not list which car went with each dealer, just a list of the dealerships.
  18. Man, I would love to have one of those. Thats cool!