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  1. i doubt in other types of wrecks that a vehicle is traveling at 120mph
  2. I was going to say the same thing. Drinking and Driving and Street Racing accidents can both be avoided and I have no sympathy on the Drivers in either situations
  3. No, I most DEFINATLY do not condone street racing...Its stupid. But like anyone else, we all make stupid desicions. I just dont get whats with all the attention on the stupid decision of street racing, when other stupid decisions take MANY more lives. Why no huge campaigns to stock talking and driving? Or to make people awar of the dangers of driving while tired? Or pics of people who were killed by a sleepy driver? You never see that....its all focused on street racing only.

    In 2001 alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that police listed street racing as a factor in 135 fatal automobile accidents.
    In 2002 an estimated 1,550 deaths were caused by sleepy drivers.

    Some guy in a forum said that 3000 died in 04 from street racing, but i couldnt verify that...
    I looked up 2004 and 42,800 died total from traffic accidents in general from just bad drivers. 16,654 died from drunk drivers :notnice: . Only 7,405 of those total 42.8K were people ages 16-20. they didnt even list street racing or anything else...meaning that it wasnt some huge #.

    NOW IMO people who are racing around curves and/or in heavy traffic weaving in and out are total idiots. Street racing in any sence is stupid..but doing it around corners or around other cars just makes it 100X more dangerous and I would BET that 90% of those causing wrecks are racing around curves and/or in traffic.
  4. I used to street race all the time back in high school. Makes me wonder how I'm still alive today considering all the racing I did. Only one of my friends ever crashed. Lost control of his RX-7 while racing and smacked a palm tree. Luckly he walked away will just some cuts and bruises.
  5. I dont care if 50,000 people die each your talking on cell phones, getting road-head, or any other reason while driving a car. You cant justify one wrong using the severity of another. If you really want to look at statistics, look at %'s and probabilities.

    Ask yourself this: When you're driving, would you rather everyone around you be on their cell phone, or doing 100+? (The cell phone thing pretty much already happens.)

    Fatal accidents happen. Most can be avoided, some cant. The ones that should never have happened; drunk driving, excessive speeding, street racing........they deserve the extra media attention.
  6. more people die yearly from getting killed by getting knocked in the head by falling coconuts than die from a streetracing related accident. you just dont hear about the coconuts because it would hurt tourism income.

    nowadays anytime there is an accident the media tries to pin it on streetracing. there was one newscast recently where there was a wreck, one car was speeding and had a blowout. the police doing the interview said they are looking for the second car, and the news report backed it. later that night a second interview by three witnesses revealed there was no second car, and to add insult to injury, it was a female driver on the phone as the car went flying past them sideways.

    i condone streetracing as long as the tracks close at 10pm and are not open on the weekends for all cars, and as long as said tracks that are open continue to gouge racers (30-50$ for maybe 3 runs? **** that!). i also condone doing it safely, pick the freeway at 2 in the morning with no brakelights as far as the eye can see. if going from a stop, pick a very straight very level wide open country backroad with open field on both sides (that way if either car wrecks, there are no trees involved). our fathers and grandfathers did it this way and it was never an issue back then, i dont see why its such a big deal now, "omg you streetrace you are not human you are a *** and should die omg!".

    btw hotmustang thanks for the real facts. really sheds light on how not important the fight against streetracing is, and how our LEO's can be doing better things with out taxpaying money like getting rid of ****ing drug dealing crackheads on street corners, or patrolling dark alleyways for rapists and such.
  7. 10-4 :cheers:

    I suppose street racing gets media coverage because it is relatively rare, and it is often dramatic. It's really not surprising.
  8. I personally think all coconunt trees should be banned from this planet. That's many lives saved right there.
  9. i dont believe its rare its just that the idiots that get in a wreck and the news media covers is because it was pretty bad, not too long ago we had one where a 16y.o only had his permit to drive took about 6 of his friends in his parents accord, raced it wrecked it killed one and the others where injured form minor to critical.....

    I think that for people around the ages of 16-20 they either think they wont get caught, nothing will happen to them or something but yet you can notice there inexperience while they drive on most 16-20 not all
  10. Well seems to me that I would want more media attention on the things that kill the MOST people...not what kills the least amount :shrug: . Drunk driving killed 16K in 04..thats a BIG problem. yet street racing kills very little and it gets almost the same attention.
    Campaigns and laws again cell phone driving would save more lives than street racing laws...yet you hear almost nothing about it. Its the lives that count...the more you can save the bettter. Im not against street racing laws...its VERY VERY dangerous nearly anywhere on the street, so they need to be stiff. But IMO where you do it makes a HUGE impact on the risks involved and that should effect how they punish you.

    And lets think back here. How many people have I EVER had pass me that were street racing, and thus were putting me in danger? Hmm, only happened ONE time...passed by two ricers doing 100+. They were in the fast lane.
    Now how many people were driving around me while talking on the cell phone and have almost caused wrecks in front of me, or have almost hit me? I CANT EVEN BEGIN TO COUNT THE TIMES.
    Im almost constantly surrounded on the roads by people talking on phones...and they are putting me in danger constantly.

    So in my 5 years of driving, based on what has place me in danger...I see other problems out there that could be fixed that could save MANY more lives, than trying to prevent street racing. Only way they will stop it is if the punishment is death...or if we adopt singapore's justice system :nice: (which im all for) Public cainings would stop everything from grafity to stealing lol....theres a reason they have a 1% crim rate. If we really want that...then thats all it takes. :flag:
  11. I was sitting at a (long) stoplight recently and counted the number of drivers passing that were talking on a cell phone as well as the total number of drivers (I know, not scientific). About 4 in 10 were yaking on a phone. Scary.

    Hopefully, some day (soon), talking on a phone while driving will be illegal.
  12. Another Pic, with Article


  13. He wasn't street racing..he was being stupid. Look at how he was driving...

    The link

  14. "The Mustang driver, a 20-year-old Cocoa Beach man authorities had not identified early today, and Buick driver Timothy Brothers, 50, of Satellite Beach were killed."
  15. Ahhh that hurt...
  16. this is the man, my dad, a young, stupid and selfish drunk driver killed, luckily all the kids in the vans survived and graduated, its not just myself and my family or the survivers that suffer, the drunk drivers family have to deal with what not just what he did to himself but also to others.

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  17. So the mustang driver was drunk?

    Sorry to hear about your dad.

    This thread is very old and most of the morons that posted in it do not come around here any more.
  18. thank you for replying, yes crazy drunk, it helps that in dads death all those kids was saved, my step mother was invited to their graduation, the school put up a plack in dads honor i believe x