Kenne Bell A2A intercooler kit for Fox body and sn95

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by 92rohcp, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. Well here it goes my custom A2A 3" polished pipe kit is for sale used on my 92coupe but will fit 94-95 as well. All the T clamps and 3 ply silicone couplers go with it. Intercooler is 31x12x3 with 3" inlet and outlet. Check out my DIY thread for KB A2A if you want to know the results and see more pics. My bypass valve and the slot style MAF in the pics are not for sale. This custom pipe kit will be shipped once I get my new 3.5 inch pipe in so I can copy all the bends. $500 plus shipping. You will have have your KB manifold modified like mine in the pics. I can also do this for you for an additional fee.
    This is what it looks like on my car.

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  2. How much wld you charge to build a new kit with the manifold done?
  3. I can't seem to write you a PM here,. but I could sell you the kit above and with your KB manifolds sent to me for fabrication work and welding make you a complete bolt on kit for $1500. The bypass provision would necessitate the need for a Flowzilla manifold. With a standard Kb intake you could run without or we could talk about your options there.
  4. I don't mean to push here but I have another buyer for the pipe kit and intercooler on the Corral and wanted to get a response from you ASAP, I'd rather sell you the kit with modifications since you were first to inquire.
  5. go ahead and let it go 92! Thanks for giving me first shot at it tho! Im not sure i am ready for it yet. I wld still have to get all the stuff to swap over to fox intake and such. I have your write up that ya did bout the kit saved i may just try to build my own next winter. Thanks again tho!!
  6. No problem my friend, anytime you have a question or need help with your A2A build LMK.
  7. Still for sale.
  8. still for sale
  9. Still for sale
  10. I am looking into this kit for my 94 the thing I am wondering is if I buy a 2.2 for a fox do you guys have the spout to change over to the sn95 style and I also hace a trickflow track heat intake and from what I understand you guys have mastered the idea of getting rid of the gt40 intake and allowing the use of that intake for better flowing and in general better flowing numbers if you want you can call or tex me as I am very interested in this and would love to get rid of my N/A and trade it in for the wonderful sound of the Kenne bell thanks for your help 530-524-1339 is my number and would like to know what you would charge me to get the intercooler and piping and do the modificatoin to the unit to be total thanks for your time.
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  11. Hi glad your interested in the KB A2A concept unfortunately the pipe lit above has been sold, but it can be done again I'll try and give you a call later and we can chat about your project.
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  12. Hi that be awesome sure you can put some ideas in my head and allow me to discuss what I got and just get your feelings on everything looking forward to talking to you thanks for your time
  13. Don't let him send you any escrow checks 92. o_O
  14. Well thanks for the call and you got me thinking I am going to sale my 331 and upgrading to a 408 w at a lot less compression and then from there skies the limit
  15. I know this post is old, but are you still offering this?
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